Please, I Beg You, No More Tekken Movies

When the Tekken film was released, it was so bad that Tekken's video game producer Katsuhiro Harada publically distanced himself from the project. He might have to do that again.

For reasons unbeknownst to man, Hollywood is keen to make another Tekken flick. Crystal Sky, one of the production companies on the first film, is planning a prequel that's "part of a franchise of movies".

No details are yet known other than the prequel's title, Tekken: Rise of the Tournament, which makes it sound like the film will follow the creation of the Iron Fist Tournament.

The first Tekken film got its premier in Singapore. The movie was so bad that its release was straight-to-DVD in the US. Tekken game producer Harada called the movie "terrible". Yep, that sounds about right.

Cannes 2012: Crystal Sky Slate Includes Holiday Comedy, 'Tekken 4' and 'Dracula' (Exclusive) [Hollywood Reporter via JEFusion]


    I didnt think it was THAT bad. Still better tgan Twilight.

    It was at least more enjoyable than the abomination that was the King Of Fighters movie.

    Someone link Spoony, who points out that even though the Tekken movie was terible, it was at least trying to focus on the fighting. Then complained about how stupid the "official" Tekken movie was worse.

      Done, see below!
      (He's back on YouTube!)

    The Japanese TEKKEN movie - Blood Vengeance - was WORSE believe it or not.

      TEKKEN The Motion Picture (Anime) was ALSO godawful.

    The problem with them is they solely focus on fighting and the story is terrible. fans and producers need to realise that just because its a fighting game doesnt mean it just has to be fight scene after fight scene with minimal character development. The majority of people dont care if he was using some famous praying mantis technique to perfect.

    Why not tell a story about one yes just one of the characters, instead of trying to make a Movie about a fighting tournament. Just pick a fan favourite.

      I dunno - remember what happened with Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li?

      To date, the only decent fighting game movies have been Mortal Kombat (the first one) and the Street Fighter II Animated Movie.

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