Pokemon Onesies Are Dangerously Close To Furry Pyjamas

This range of onesies - you know, those awesome little suits babies get to wear - are fashioned in the style of Pokémon. And they're available for grownups.

An Etsy seller called All for Onesies makes these to order, meaning you can pick your favourite Pokémon, pay up and soon you'll be spending your time battling other pocket monsters and avoiding pressing questions from your family and loved ones.

Adult Pokemon Onesie- Any Pokemon [Etsy, via Fashionably Geek]


    While cool, we've had a Plunkett-free day today so why bother posting his crap?


        I'm sorry but what point are you trying to make? It's not very clear..


      Cheesus, I used to like you. But you are becoming annoying.

        Hey, if it wasn't for me I'm damn well sure there would have been more Plunkett posts today.

          If you werent here to protect us all from Luke Plunkett, thered be nothing to stop him just walking into our houses & stealing out cookies! Oh, THANK YOU CHEESUS : SAVIOUR OF KOTAKU!

          now, given the narrow-mindedness of your comments, you may not have picked up on the sarcasm there. let me make it clear - no one actually gives a shit that you dont like some articles here. your repetitive crap is making no difference to anything anywhere, so why dont you just give it up & go find another site that offers articles more to your liking?

            Well your an ass. Let's go pin the tail on him everyone =D Who's first?

              well the way i said it might make me an arse, but pointing out that your needless rubbishing of a contributor here makes no difference to the content of this site isnt just opinion - its a fact.

              & before you go off calling people an 'ass', you might wanna remember that people in glass houses shouldnt be throwing stones.

                I don't live in a glass house, I like in a double storey mansion overlooking the Sydney Harbour. I don't throw rocks, I make people throw them for me.

                  Double story mansion? Over compensating. Seeking to impress strangers / make yourself seem more imporant.
                  Claim to make people do things? Control issues. Possibly sociopathic.
                  Belief that material possessions equates to worth as a person? very few friends, possibly an only child.
                  Willful ignorance of glass house saying & thinking you're clever? Probably no older than 13.
                  Needs constant attention. Inflated ego.

                  Conclusion = ignore.

                  Nobody owning a two storey house would have enough time in their successful professional lives to comment here. So A. You are lieing or B. You live with your parents and are about 15 years of age.

      Hey, I fucking want to know about Pokemon onesies, why don't you?

      These are fucking awesome. Deal with it.

        I didn't say the onesies were not awesome, more that after having a day without Plunkett they all start filtering in.



      Tackled the crap out of Brock's Onyx, aw yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.

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