Promising Skyrim Movie Looks Far More Professional Than It Has Any Right Looking

"The Thief" is a short film that Chris Wood has been working on all year long. Sure, it's yet another Skyri fan film, but this one looks notable for the fact he's spent some money on it, and that it looks very professional.

The actors? They're actually acting, not grunting while plastic swords clash. The costumes? They're beautiful, a cut above the normal fare you see slapped together for these kind of things. There's even a proper, original story here, not just an excuse for a computer-assisted battle sequence.

You can catch a trailer above, while there's more info - and some shots showing off the fancy costumes - at the site below.

The Thief [Indiegogo]


    Best Skyri fan film I have ever seen

    she raises her eyebrows a lot...

      why...why would you point that out?

    Really? Acting? Really? Feels like porn.

    Was it just me or was he checking her ass out the entire time? Wouldnt it have been polite to not just sit down behind her for all that time and get up and look at the map with her or something???

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