Razer Can't Say It, But This Is A Mouse For Diablo III

SteelSeries might have the official Diablo III licence, but that doesn't mean it's the only clicking game in town. Take the new Naga Hex Wraith edition, for instance.

The official release calls it "The best weapon to cut down hordes of monsters crawling out from the depths of evil", so Razer's intentions for this recoloured version of its popular MOBA-centric gaming mouse are as clear as a crystal jammed into your forehead. Ready to raise hell at a rate of 250 clicks per minute, the Naga Hex Wraith edition is $US79.99 worth of action RPG power.

I've been hearing a lot about the Razer Naga and Naga Hex lately. Many of the Tera players I've run into over the past couple of weeks swear by the 12 side button Naga, and I've got my original Hex on standby for Diablo III's May 15 release. Perhaps I'll get a chance to see how well it goes click-for-click with SteelSeries' official mouse.

Razer Naga Hex [Razer]


    Who in hell can click 250 times a minute to keep up with the mouse?! Impressive device though

      I think I could manage 180 in one minute and then 20 the next

      i think he means actions per minute including 123456789101112 on the side of the mouse. pro starcraft players regularly get up to 250 apm in games

    Gotta agree, the Naga is indeed awesome for TERA.

    See, red's just not my colour

    Damn son, I don't usually buy gaming mouses - uh, mice - but I could make an exception fo--
    on second thoughts my current Razer mouse is super fine.

      I prefer "mouses" myself. Pretty sure I'm not the only one.

    "Perhaps I’ll get a chance to see how well it goes click-for-click with SteelSeries’ official mouse."

    Thats simple, if the drivers for the steelseries POS dont stop your keyboard from malfunctioning (thats if your not using a steelseries keyboard which also will just stop functioning!) it may actually be able to be used as a mouse!! Hows that?

    Ill never touch that trashy steelseries brand again..

    Personally I think the Steel Series official Diablo III mouse looks pretty average. I'd consider this one but I just bought a Razer Mamba which is very cool.

    I use a Naga for World of Warcraft (don't judge me) and honestly it was the best decision I made to help with that game. It's made me a whole lot better at the game, I swear by it.

    A mouse without back/forward buttons on the side isn't even an option for me anymore.

    Yeah.. This one has 6 instead. be default you will find

    Yeah.. This one has 6 instead. be default you will find that the 2 and 5? button do the same thing. Can't see the numbers but its the very left and right one on the above picture.

    Every Razer product I've ever owned malfunctioned or completely failed within 6 months of purchase. (Onza controller, Lachesis mouse, and a keyboard I forget the name of)

      they were having quality issues in production at one stage. besides that brief period they are generally pretty good. Though you have to make sure you have the most recent drivers.

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