Reggie's Body Is Ready For An E3 Fighting Game

Expo Fighter is a 2D fighting game in development that leaves dojos, headbands and scantily-dressed Japanese women at the door, instead focusing on combat game company executives. On the stage at E3.

That's the good news. The bad news? It's asking for $US18,000 as a crowd-sourced project, which for a browser-based, free-to-play title seems a bit much.

Still, it's a fun premise, and the teaser trailer above looks great. Now all it needs is a massive crab, bored translator and one mirrion troops.

EXPO FIGHTER - E3 Inspired Fighting Game [indiegogo]


    The trailer is a parody of the famous (is it famous?) comeback the SFII world champion made to keep his title.
    A very clever thing to parody.

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