Remember This [Update]

Alright let's keep yesterday's going, and I'll add a second image! Can you remember this game?

Alright one more pic!


    Oh... guess its not an adventure game after all :/

    OK, so, snes rpg... my first thoughts from the 2nd pic was that the robot was Gato from Chrono Trigger, but that's not correct...
    I'm gonna take a stab at Seiken Densetsu 2

    Advance wars
    Ogre Battles

      Looks like advance wars
      Otherwise my guess is RobotJox

    Secret of Evermore

    It deffinantly has the feel of a Square SNES RPG... I was also going to say Chrono Trigger... But apparently that is not correct...
    Maybe a Fire Emblem game of some description?

    The shape of those feet make me want to see Kingdom Hearts on the PSP but it looks too crappy to be that, plus I don't think anyone in KH has that colour scheme.

    Looks a bit like Robocalypse for the NDS .

    digimon world ps1

    to prove that it is ogre battles 64

      So I guess Ogre Battle - but left off the 64 so it doesn't count? Annoyingly close. Especially considering it's a game I've never played - I'd always meant to grab a copy but it just never eventuated.

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