Remember This?

Man, looks like I finally got you guys. Yesterday's game was Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber. Now... can you remember this?

UPDATE: Sorry, I must have missed it — but Awnshegh guessed yesterday's correctly. Well done!


    I'm guessing it's either Super Mario 64, or Super Smash Bros.

    Uhh, I thought Awnshegh guessed yesterday's, unless the subtitle was needed?

    Is today's Aladdin?

      Thanks Ahtaps. I'm glad someone noticed.

      As for todays... Toejam and Earl?

      Aw, sorry Awnshegh!

      NO! Victory ripped from my grasp!

        All good. I was just expecting tickertape parade down George St Sydney. :)

          Sorry if you feel I stole your glory yesterday Awnshegh. RT's aren't always fair and you beat me by a long way to the right guess.

            No worries. If two people come to the same answer independently then it just makes Mark look like he's not putting enough effort into his choice of RT.

    grand theft auto vice city PS2 version

    For some reason, I'm getting a massive SEGA vibe from that pic. Sonic Adventure maybe?

    I'll say Donkey Kong Country. seems like the skyline.

    Kingdom Hearts

      it reminds me of Kingdom hearts aswell first island

    Final Fantasy.. every game. 1 through 50.

    Ape Escape.

    Final Fantasy Tactics /Tactics Advanced

    Super Mario: Sunshine?

    Sonic Adventure 2 for Dreamcast/Gamecube?

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