Remember This?

Everyone, this is a momentous moment in Kotaku history. After some consideration I have decided to retire Remember This. The above image will be the last Remember This on the site. Thanks for participating, and thanks for the competition, and thanks for giving me so much crap over that couple of years!

I'm of the opinion that Remember This has become a little stale, so I've decided to start off a new regular 12 o' clock post. The first one will be 'posted' on the site in an hour. BE PREPARED!

But, since Remember This has such a storied history here, I wanted to go out in style. So... for the final time ever can you remember this game from one single part of screenshot?



    If this isn't The Dig, I will be sad. Very sad.

      Unless the new section is called "Remember The Dig." Then I will be happy.

      When I saw this was the last ever, I totally thought "surely he'll put the Dig up, just for Shane."

      But this ain't no part of the Dig I remember.

      This will be a day long remembered. It was seen the death of Remember This, and will soon see the end of recurring The Dig jokes. May the Fourth be with us.

    Blue Screen of Death

      I reckon you're right. Appropriate too!

      I get at least two a day, so I'm well versed - you've got to be spot on.
      "if this is the first time you've seen this message...."

    If no one guesses it correctly then technically it can never die....

    Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

      Man, I didn't see you post this... but +1 for this guess.


      Actually, I like this answer better than mine. I'm with this guy (without any proof to back it up)

    New game idea: Remember this Remember This?

    I support your decision to let it go Mark, it had it's time. You did an awesome job, but I'm sure the effort you guys put into it really didnt make it worth it in the end. When you love something, sometimes you have to set it free!! Look forward to a future "Remember Remember This" Special.

    As for the game, I'm hoping it's either Hitchikers guide to the galaxy or Zork.

    The Hobbit

    Final fantasy I?

    Wolfenstien 3D

    wonder if it is the original remember this from day 1

    WAIT!.. it's gotta be 'the farmers daughter' commodore 64. ;)

    What's the point of even COMING to kotaku now! *runs out of the room crying*

      I feel lost. 12.00 meant must come to kotaku

    Final Fantasy

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