Right Now, Final Fantasy VII Remake Isn’t The Most Important Thing

Right Now, Final Fantasy VII Remake Isn’t The Most Important Thing

Not for Square Enix. Final Fantasy VII character designer and current Square Enix bigwig spoke with Japanese game magazine Famitsu about the much desired FFVII.

In the interview, Nomura stated that the Final Fantasy must surmount the old FF games.

Nomura acknowledged that there was considerable fan interest in a Final Fantasy VII remake.

“New Final Fantasy games take precedence over a FFVII remake,” said Nomura.

The goal, Nomura added, was to make games that rivaled or possibly surpassed Final Fantasy VII.

That’s an admirable goal, but most would simply be happy with a Final Fantasy VII. For those of you who cannot wait, here’s a HD remastering of the original game.

スクエニ野村氏「FFVIIリメイクより新たなFFを優先し、VIIを超えられるよう頑張る」 ユフィやティファ、エアリスに関する秘話も [ゲーム情報!ゲームのはなし]

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    • I know where you’re coming from, but I’d be willing to give a remake a go. When it comes down to it, even if the remake sucks, we still have the original. I think if (or when) they get around to doing a remake, they would have to get the same voice actors they had for advent children. I may be in the minority on this one, but I thought the voice acting in that really matched up with my interpretations of the characters from the game.

      • I just don’t think Square-Enix has it in them. They just aren’t the developer they used to be, and I don’t see how they would be able to improve a better companies masterpiece.

        • Better companies masterpiece? But Square is still part of SE. They’re just one epic company + a slightly less epic one. Why do people always act as if they’re completly different.

          • I get that they are the same company. To clarify, Im saying they were a better company back then.

          • If most of the developers from SquareSoft left including the lead designer, how can you possibly still consider them to be the same. They are the same in name only.

    • Agreed a remake would just ruin the experiance. Even if they make it right after having played it the original would never be the same.

    • I think that people loved the original for different reasons. For me, it was a combination of the music and the world. The music was so perfectly matched to each aspect of the game, and each towns theme ‘made’ that particular town for me. Thats what made is great IMO.

        • Aww shit son, you nailed it on the head.
          They think he’s all emo or some shit. He got over that! “Let’s mosey.” That was a thing he said!
          That was his whole character arc. He fell apart when he realised he was living his dead friend’s life, got sad, then he got better. HE GOT BETTER.

      • not to mention the original hurts the eyes to play now days, a remake done correctly would be perfect.

    • Completely correct. Square seems hell bent on removing everything I loved about the series in the new games to the point I no longer enjoy the series.

      But then I’m one of the 3 people who actually miss the random encounters so I’m probably not the best source of opinion.

  • They’ve been trying to make FFs as good as 7 and 8 for over a decade and have failed miserably…. 99 ways not to make a lightbulb comes to mind.

  • a remake of either 8 or 9 would be much easier on square and i believe make more sense. think about a cel-shaded styled 9 and an HD 8. 7 would be too hard to do a full-scale hd remake considering the set pieces and settings. it would be like trying to make 6 hd on the ps3

      • I thought they were all at the very least “Good” games right up until they made that stupid movie and killed the studio. So basically FFX was the last good one.

  • I wouldn’t trust Square-Enix to sit the right way on a toilet seat these days let alone remake Final Fantasy VII properly.

    Hopefully they continue to shovel money onto FF Versus XIII until they go bust and no one has to suffer through another soul crushingly boring J-Pop video. I mean modern Final Fantasy game.

  • I was a big fan of the previous 6 FF games before I ever played 7 and I enjoyed them a lot more than i did 7.

  • hot tip Nomura, making a sequel to the least well received traditional (as in, not MMO) Final Fantasy is NOT how you surpass the old beloveds.
    Honestly the way square’s been the last few years I almost dont trust them to remake FF7, chances are it’d go horribley wrong.

  • “Rival or surpass FF7”?…………..BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA…..snigger…. (sigh)…………..no its alright im ok now………………..BWAHHHHHH HAA HAAAA HAAAAA HAAAAAA!!!!!! 😀

    AS IF! You have no idea of what made them great to begin with and you lack the vision and heart to create anything original and meaningful. You are now proven to be a grade A moron Nomura.

    The last great FF was FF9, 10 wasnt too bad either but FF10-2 sucked ass and so did all the rest after and they were the products of Square Enix, not Squaresoft who actually made awesome games under the leadership of Sakaguchi and musical talent of Uematsu.

    The real Final Fantasy ended when Square Enix began. And thats the facts.

  • Not interested at all in a 7 remake. I know the story, know the characters, give me something new any day. I’m hangingin for for type 0 on Vita!

  • @They have no idea what made it great to begin with.
    I’m sure they’d have an inkling, it can’t have been this long with them not hearing something the fans loved.

  • Square Enix: “But~ a Final Fantasy 8 remake is in the works. We feel that is what the world wants.”

  • They bother redoing old FF’s on the DS and PSP so why not 7 on the 3ds or Vita? though a Terranigma remake or re-release would be good as well.

  • I agree ff7 shouldnt be remade by square enix but if it was still squaresoft with our high scale technology id say it would be a pretty good remake.

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