Riot Closes 'Bull****' League Of Legends Exploit, Bans Hundreds Of Players

A small percentage of League of Legends players have been using an exploit that lets them cast powerful spells one right after another. The exploit let players add more points to the game's Mastery system that would normally be allowed. But LoL developer Riot Games says such tactics are "bull****" and made moves to fix the loophole that made the cheat possible as soon as they heard about it.

Games with ultra-competitive communities are always going to be filled with people who try to find an edge over their opponents. That's OK. What isn't cool is when that edge crosses the line and breaks the balance. In some games, hacks, cheats and exploits go unnoticed and unpatched. Not with League of Legends, though.

In a post on the League of Legends forum, community manager Andrew Beeglesaid the following about the exploit:

That's bull****, and we're not going to allow it.

We take this seriously. Nothing is more important to us than the sanctity of our game, competitive or otherwise. As soon as we discovered the issue, we immediately dropped everything to find both immediate and permanent fixes. I'm happy to report that the immediate fix has been implemented, and we'll be restarting all regions this evening to add some redundancy which will prevent similar exploits in the future. As we continue to investigate and further analyse data, our primary commitment is identifying players affected and doing everything within our power to make it right.

Is this the end of people trying to ruin your experience? No. But we're committed to stopping this kind of behaviour in its tracks, and are discussing ways to increase our monitoring and development as part of that commitment. We have comprehensive logs and data that allow us to see precisely who did what, and also who was negatively affected by this malicious behaviour. We've identified all of the players that have been using this exploit, and we're going to be taking firm action against their accounts.

Mastery Exploit Fixed: Players Banned [League of Legends, via Reddit]


    So they screw up in their coding and then ban people who are clever enough to figure it out?
    I friggin hate this mentality, yes it was crap, yes it needed to be fixed asap, games should probably all be loss forgiven for the last few days, but nobody hacked anything, they used only what riot gave them. If someone was submitting a LoL speedrun to SDA (theoretically) using the exploit would be accepted because it's part of the goddam game. Simple facts. Riot screwed up. Players took advantage of that fact.
    The players are assholes.
    But Riot are at fault here.

      +1 this
      glitches should not be bannable. riot is to blame for screwing up the coding. and like you said, it might be unethical to exploit such glitches, but in no way do they deserve a ban.

      hacking or modding on the other hand is different. that stuff should be bannable - but exploits in the games code should not be UNLESS made clear that people who exploit this glitch from now on will be banned.

        Why shouldn't they be banned? In the T&C Riot make it a clear point such behaviour is not tolerated.
        Under the code of conduct
        "H. Participating in any action which, in the sole and exclusive judgment of Riot Games, "exploits" an undocumented aspect of the Game in order to secure an unfair advantage over other users;"

        If people agreed to the T&C, and exploited glitches then they are at fault and are liable to punishment. If there was problems in the code, it surely wasn't there for people to take advantage of. People shouldn't be banned from glitches if they did not intend to do it and it was a mistake. But if people did exploit glitches with the sole purpose of gaining an upperhand why shouldn't they be banned? They wouldn't be any different from modders or hackers, who incidently do it for the same purpose, except they use 3rd party programs or other methods to gain an advantage.

    Riot are not to blame, Sure their code had holes in it but that doesn't mean hacking is acceptable. People will always find ways around anti cheat systems. Be thankful that riot have seen the error and are working to resolve it.

      no one hacked.
      glitches are not hacks - but rather exploitable faults in the games code. and therefore riot is solely to blame.

        I think this is just the first case of a developer treating it this way. If you went into a bar and threw some beer on someone elses head, SURE, it's not specifically against the rules but you can be sure that you'll be thrown out and it's pretty obvious that this behaviour is not acceptable. We just have this ridiculous conception in video games that because the code allows it, that it's therefore acceptable behaviour. Sure if someone accidentally did it once and got banned that's not on, but it sounds like these people were explicitly using it to troll other players, and guilt is not really in question.

    This is dumb.

    This exploit was done by manipulating local memory that dealt with masteries - one of them reduces cooldown of those spells by 15%. Normally you can put only one point in there.
    This is not a glitch - he had to use external program to manipulate memory and put few extra points in there - it was a hack.


    So doing something you KNOW is wrong after this video was spread through out reddit and whatnot isn't wrong at all? To use this in a game setting to gain that advantage of other players who are playing by the rules is acceptable? I am agreeing with Riot on this. You know what you were doing was wrong, grow up and accept responsibility. I just avoiding playing the game for that day because I didn't want to deal with people using the 0 CD reduction.

    Things happen, as patches goes on things change and yes this was human error, but instead of bringing to the attention of Riot the information on how to do this was spread and I believe 622 people were banned? This isn't like just one person used this, no. Hundreds of people were given information on how to do this and did it. So if you really think the banned people deserve to go on unbanned you are free to think that. Like I stated I agree with Riot 110% on this.

    XD Idiot 10 year olds
    When you get and job and manage to not make mistakes you can tell Riot it's their fault
    People make mistakes, and Riot fixes their pretty fast , faster than almost any other F2P game company would
    People who benefited of this are just noobs who can't play period , it's a game the point is to have fun not to win by ruining the fun of others ( cause if he is too OP for you to even touch you it's not fun , tha same when someone is fed)

    So grow up and start Playing LOL instead of Working LOL (literally, it's a game have fun both winning and losing )

    So taking advantage of drunk girls is okay right?
    Not like you drugged them, they did it to themselves.

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