Ripping Out Your Spine For These Game Screens Isn't Necessary

Coming to the PS Vita this Australian summer from developer marvellous AQL, Soul Sacrifice is a dark fantasy action game (with an emphasis on the "dark"), that focuses on power, and the costs to obtain it.

In Soul Sacrifice, the player takes the part of a lowly servant. Imprisoned and waiting to be sacrificed by a powerful mage, the servant finds a mysterious "Golam Book". In the book are descriptions of battles between mages and ferocious monsters. By reading these stories, the servant is able to enter the Book and actually experience the battles within.

Inside the world of the Book, the servant is able to use powerful spells, but the servant must make a sacrifice in order to harness this power. The sacrifice can be anything from mundane objects like stones or wood, to parts of the servant's own body. The greater the spell, the greater the sacrifice necessary to use it. Too much magic, and the servant will either die, or lose their humanity altogether and become one of the monsters they fight. The game will allow for co-op play of up to four players.

As previously reported, producer Keiji Inafune describes Soul Sacrifice as a "true fantasy" that mixes real world truths together with the key concepts of "sacrifice" and "cost" into a magical world. Says Inafune, "If you are able to play without looking away from the ‘truth', I promise a rush like you have never experienced before."

While the idea is engaging and the concept art is fascinating, I kind of draw the line at pulling my own spine out through my mouth to use as a sword… Maybe it's just me.

稲船敬二氏が手掛ける新作共闘アクション『SOUL SACRIFICE(ソウル・サクリファイス)』、PS Vitaでこの冬登場! [ファミ通.com]


    I think we have a system seller. Exclusive, "DSoulsesque", holiday season launch....

      I was just thinking that: "This will make me want to buy a Vita finally". Looks like my kind of game.

      Yep, I will be watching this closely, looks like a mix of a few genres, but those art designs are phenomenal!

    You know, I think I'll pass on this game

    Looks like a refused classification to me, unless the R18+ passes before its release.

    This looks disturbing and absolutely insane.

    I'm in.

    Looks very "Berserk" inspired

    wtf is with that bird woman thing. DX

    Has a kind of Tokyo Gore Police vibe.

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