Robot Unicorn Attack Evolves Into Something Even More Glorious

The single greatest thing to come out of Adult Swim just got even greater. How could Robot Unicorn Attack get any better? Panda, Wolf, Gorilla and Dragon. Yes.

The sequel to the award-winning (probably) Flash, Facebook and iOS game doesn't screw with a good thing. It still features a Robot Unicorn, gracefully prancing through the skies to the sound of Erasure's "Always". What has changed is that now when that heroic mythical metal beast charges through four stars it evolves into a Robot Unipanda. And then a Robot Uniwolf, Robot Unigorilla and finally a Robot Unidragon.

This is everything I ever wanted in life.

As the hero transforms so do the stages, from a tranquil bamboo forest to the snowy mountaintops and beyond. Miss too many stars and you'll revert back into Unicorn form, but as far as penalties go that's still pretty amazing.

Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution is now available to play for free on the Adult Swim website, and there's also a Facebook version packed with power-ups and driven by bragging rights. I don't usually post game message to my Facebook wall, but in this case I will make an exception.

No word on an iOS version yet, but they must. Oh god they must.


I wanna be with you

And make believe with you

And live in harmony harmony oh love

Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution [Adult Swim]


    Fuck yeah! I have an Android phone so hopefully it comes out on that.

    Adored the original but... eh. It's not even a sequel (same music!), it just interrupts the flow of the game with pointless transformation filler? Got old fast. ..

    The one on adult swim has a Uni-Rhino after the Gorilla. I don't know whats after the Rhink as I haven't got that far yet. But it goes Unicorn, Panda, Wolf, Gorilla, Rhino.

    It's also 3 stars in a row that causes the transformation, not 4.

    I do agree though that it's a bit disappointing that they didn't change the music at all.

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