Rockstar Games' Social Club Just Got A Lot More Social

In preparation for next week's release of Max Payne 3 and the launch of the Crews system, Rockstar Games has given its Social Club site a complete overhaul, complete with user profiles, a new friends system, and integration with Facebook and Twitter. In short, this time it's social.

I never really put much thought into Rockstar's Social Club before; it didn't feel like it was essential to the game experience, so I didn't bother. That might have just changed. Now members can maintain an activity feed, add friends from existing Social Club members or find and invite them from Facebook and Twitter, and maintain their own profile page so random folks can look them up and see how bad they are at Max Payne multiplayer.

Today's revamp paves the way for tomorrow's introduction of the Crews system, the new multiplayer functionality that allows players to form custom clans that carry over from one game to the next.

To get started, head over to the Social Club website and either sign into an existing account, start a new one, or log in via Facebook or Twitter. They're making an already strong community even strong, and you should probably get in on that.


    I hope that crap isnt forced on the player like it was in GTA IV

      How was it forced? RDR had some game integration with challenges (optional), etc... but there was nothing I can remember where I needed to use the Social Club for GTA IV for any of the gameplay features?

        On PC you had to install the Rockstar Social Club client in order to be able to even launch the game. The client ran like crap and was pretty much bloatware. In later patches they removed the need for it, thankfully.

          lol, PC Master Race got shafted for once!

          That would also explain the difference, I have learnt something today, thank you!

          On the the Steam version at least, Social Club loads before the game itself. You have to login for any kind of multiplayer.

    will this update let me have a username with monkey in it and not come out as racist?

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