Rumor: Dead Space 3 Will Be Snow-Bound And Feature Co-Op

According to IGN, Dead Space 3 will feature optional co-op play. It'll be drop-in, drop-out. Their source also describes the game's setting as a "desolate snow planet."

As we learned from The Thing, Snow can sure be scary… but co-op? Man, I've never played a scary co-op game. We'll find out more soon, I'm sure.

Dead Space 3 Allegedly Features Co-Op [IGN]


    No co-op, please. At least, no ENFORCED co-op. Obviously, it ruined Resident Evil 5.

      Agreed. The best part of Dead Space was that YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN!


      I loved RE5 co-op, played through the campaign 4 times with my bro. Though co-op with AI indeed sux

        So true, I won't be buying this unless it has co-op, I don't have the inclination to play another single player game when I have friends to play games with.

      The co-op in RE5 is what stopped me from finishing the game to date. It was such a poor choice to implement that feature. Sure, put it in there if people WANT that option ... but to make it compulsory, with either an AI or human controlled buddy, was just the dumbest idea ever.

      Nothing makes a game scarier than spamming the "get over here!" button repeatedly to your partner.

    It'll be called Dead Snow???

    Ugh, at least the multiplayer in DS2 was in a vacuum and issues of resources aside, had no bearing on the single player. Hopefully it's designed for solo play first (no AI partners) and then the addition of a second player simply scales up enemy numbers or health. I would have preferred some separate survival modes instead.

    With the halucination mechanic and the isolationist gameplay kept intact, there's a possibility this could work, especially when it's not split-screen co-op.
    If you can't be sure where or when you will cross paths with your partner, and if the hallucinations randomly disguise them as necromorphs, and if they keep the back-to-back bro-tastic horde fights to a minimum, then it may work.
    But it's hard to maintain tension when you have two guns and two sets of eyes.

      Demon's Souls-esque MP might be okay. I meant the ghostly apparations and whatnot, more than the actual co-op/PvP events.

    I for one welcome the co-op, While I love Deadspace I never found it scary so the co-op will not ruin anything. Game was all about the atmosphere and adding another human doesn't automatically destroy it.

    ew co-op. Isaac is meant to be the lone survivor facing down hordes of enemies, it's not as scary if he has some buddy by his side.

    Who will the co-op character be?
    Isaac's twin/clone?
    Someone from DS Extraction?
    Neccy the friendly Necromorph?

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