Rumour: EA Prepping A COD Elite Style Premium Service For Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 community site, Battlefieldo, is reporting that EA is prepping a premium service for Battlefield 3, a service that'll be unveiled June 4 at E3.

Details are thin on the ground, but according to the site, Battlefield Premium "will land you a number of content drops with unique in-game items not available anywhere else. First out is the one-of-a-kind Premium knife and black dog tag, plus a set of soldier camos, weapon camos, dog tags and assignments that will make sure you stand out and get more personalisation options."

Interesting. Wonder if those closed servers we heard about late last week have anything to do with it? Probably not, but it looks as though EA is looking for new ways to monetise the massive community surrounding Battlefield 3.

Hopefully we'll hear more at E3.

New DLC, Content Service, and Double XP Weekend [Battlefieldo — Thanks Eurogamer!]


    No thanks. Stable severs with standard options are much more preferable to useless nonsense like gun camo and dog tags. These guys are so out of touch.

      BF1942 and BF2 (and everything inbetween) were not perfect games by any stretch, but they were their own games. If I wanted an open map fight, I'd boot up a DICE game.

      If I wanted a TDM/DM match with 24 or so people, I'd boot up COD.

      Now they intermingle with one another. And I feel like we've lost something in the mix, and that is a shame.

      Agreed. The lack of any standard servers will stop me from ever putting any more money into this game.

        And it's a shame because I was hoping that the new maps would renew my interest in this. Not that I'm against customisable servers, but it sounds like its a nightmare just to find a normal game.

          Same. But I look now and all the B2K servers are gone, so I can only assume the same thing will happen to the servers for the next lot of maps.

          And custom servers are great, but not when they entirely replace regular servers.

    urgh great, on top of dropped servers and now this..... time to trade in BF3, seems to be becoming another COD

    Sounds like a whole lots of aesthetic stuff. I won't be paying for that. As long it doesn't contain pay2win content, I'll be fine.

    NOOOO. Leave it be fools

    *facepalm* Shouldn't DICE be fixing the horrible bugs before they release stuff like this? There are many reasons why I've stopped playing Battlefield 3 and it looks like I get to add another.

    To be honest it makes me incredibly sad that a large number of people will actually buy into this. Do people really care how their gun looks or care about what colour their camo is?

    I don't know why this frustrates me so much because lets face it; a lot of First Person Shooters are going down this route. I guess I thought the Battlefield franchise was above this, but I guess once again I've underestimated the greed of EA.

    Lol whos stupid enough to pay for this shit

    I wish DICE would work to stop the ridiculous hacking problem the game has, or it's bad netcode. Before they waste time on this.

    If there's any content that gives players a gameplay advantage, all that'll happen is that it'll encourage less people to play. When DICE needs to be doing the opposite by fixing the game and adding content for everyone.

    There's got to be some untold story about the development of BF3 we will hear at some point in the future. So many decisions about the game and it's design make no logical sense.

    It's like they built an engine that could deliver everything everyone wanted. They then just made a bunch of design decisions to ensure the game wasn't what people wanted. The map designs and use of destruction is pretty terrible. It's not a BF2 sequel.

    The game is basically that they tried to combine BF2 with BC2. However in doing so, they ended up losing the best parts of either of those games. They then tried to put a COD spin on it, which also failed. On top of that, they stuck origin and battlelog to make the experience even worse. While leaving out VOIP and other necessary features.

    Something happened in development to ruin this game. Clearly it was meant to be PC first and a true BF3 sequel with things like unparalleled destruction ect. They did have the plans for an aggressive DLC plan in the first 6 months. At some point this was thrown out. Why is the big question. Everything wrong with the game seems to flow on from this. Why? is it as simple as they ran out of time and had to ditch pc and rush a console release. Or is there something else going on with EA interference. I'm guessing both.

      The key thing here is that DICE is not mentioned a single time in this article. EA is. DICE is not the antagonist here, in fact, I believe they are more player focused than many people realise but are neutered by EA.

    Could be a sign that DLC maps will be free for everyone, leaving new weapons and stuff being for subscription, but I'm probably being optimistic.
    It's starting to look like subscription based services will becoming standard in the future, along with game passes and tonnes of DLC

    I’m sure that the development team working on the game is probably separate from the “BattleLog” team, but how ‘could’ they be working on something like this (It is a rumour I know…) and not be fixing something as presumably important as the 14 frames of input lag on the PS3. I know that all PS3 players have the lag and therefore its equal grounds but it doesn’t make the game anymore playable. Can anyone recommend if the Xbox version is better network and input wise? (Bought it on PS3 first for early DLC, I know I’m an idiot you don’t have to point that out)

      Purchase the PC Version

        Fair call, probably should bite the bullet and just upgrade.

    Probably micro transactions like their catch up packs.

    better battlelog for chrome/firefox does everything elite does for free - cosmetic sh!t

    Couldn't think of anything more useless than custom dog tags and a knife shaped like a massive dick.

    You'll just be like those bunch of wankers that run around with Mass Effect 3 dog tags or tags that say ||Xx_ExpertHelicopterSpawnCamper_xX||.

      Oh man, I have the ME3 dog tag, I didn't realise I was a wanker!

      How could I have been so blind....

      +1 soooo many of those on rented servers

    Yeah cool, looking forward to getting M26 glitched from across the map whilst wearing custom camo. Great work DICE/EA.

    Man this game went down hill fast

    Beads for the god damned natives.

    Remember Guys, Behind every great studio is a money hungry publisher, It's publishers like EA/Activision that have ultimately destroyed today's gaming as it is, Gone are the days of RAREWARE who made games for FUN not for Profit.

    Don't. You are not craptivision.

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