Sacrifice Flesh With This 'Totally New' PlayStation Vita Game

The PS Vita wants its pound of flesh. And you are going to give it. In return, you will get some wicked power weapons and spells.

Keiji Inafune, best known for Mega-Man and Dead Rising, is working on upcoming PlayStation Vita game Soul Sacrifice. Until now, the game has been shrouded in mystery, with Sony promises a full reveal on May 10.

Today, leaks from Japanese game magazine Famitsu reveal that Inafune's studio Comcept and marvellous AQL will be doing the development, while Sony is producing the title.

It was previously thought that From Software (of Dark Souls' fame would be developing the game. That isn't the case.

In Soul Sacrifice, players can "sacrifice" different parts of their bodies to cast certain spells and evoke demons. For example, stick your arm down your throat and pull out your spinal cord to wield Excalibur or sacrifice your eyes to invoke Gorgon.

The game's setting represents human lust, and the protagonist is the servant of cruel wizard.

"This is what I wanted to do — true fantasy," Inafune told the magazine, noting the game's central theme of sacrifice and reward. Earlier this year, a leather bound Inafune teased that he was working on a "totally new" PS Vita game, giving zero details about the project. This apparently was that project.

Expect more details tomorrow once Famitsu hits newsstands. Until then, watch the game's absurdly short teaser over and over and over again.

PSV『ソウルサクリファイス』は企画・稲船敬二、開発・マーベラス、音楽・光田康典、らしい。すげえ組み合わせだ [カオス]


    "It was previously thought that From Software (of Dark Souls‘ fame would be developing the game. That isn’t the case."

    Because it has "Soul" in the title.... Idiots.

      To be fair, the font and colour was also pretty much exactly like Dark Souls.

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