Satoru Iwata's Wii U Launch Hype Is Refreshingly Realistic

Sometimes console makers like to promise the world for their new gaming systems, making lofty claims about how awesome their launch lineups will be. Those claims are never true.

So it's nice to see Nintendo president Satoru Iwata spitting some truth at a recent Nintendo investor Q&A, saying that while the company has certainly learned from the lacklustre launch of its 3DS handheld, he can't promise too much for the Wii U.

With these circumstances in mind, if I said that an overwhelmingly rich software lineup would be prepared from day one, it would be too much of a promise to make. On the other hand, we are making efforts so that we will be able to make several proposals even from the launch period that can eventually become evergreen titles for the Wii U. We have learned the lesson that we have to make that kind of preparation for the Wii U, or the Wii U will not gain enough momentum to expand its sales. We would like to share additional information at the E3 show in June this year.

Nintendo has already promised Mario and Pikmin entries at this year's E3, although we don't yet know if they're launch games.

Financial Results Briefing for the 72nd Fiscal Term Ended March 2012 - Q & A [Nintendo]


    Good to hear, and I like the positive sound articles - I only hope all articles are like this!

    It would be very easy to title this: Iwata reveals WiiU poor launch lineup

    THis is all still marketing media spin bullshit. Why do Nintendo fans delude themselves into thinking that Nintendo have addressed all their failures and dissapointments?
    The longer people keep defending Nintendo, the longer they will keep re-hashing pisspoor sequals to Zelda, inferior consoles and continue to TELL gamers what they want rather than listening to what they want.

      Why not assume they've learned from the extremely vocal feedback and that this time, it'll be different?

      The fact Nintendo is still around shows that they're not stupid. They may pull off something amazing here.

        If companies listened to what gamers wanted, it'd BE rehashes. Just look at CoD!

      I didn't realise that M$ and Sony are always listening to their consumer base and implementing every idea that comes along. What great companies they are.

      As far as I can tell, their approach of telling consumers what they want has worked out pretty well for them. Overall Nintendo have a pretty good record of making unpopular decisions that later become very popular.

      Piss poor Zelda sequals? did you play Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword? both amazing.

        Both amazing if you have not already played A link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Majoras Mask and Wind Waker. At least games like Grand Theft Auto, Uncharted and Metal Gear offer a new experience with each new game.


      I presume you attack all console/software producers with the same venom.

      Marketing spin bul$#!t? All 3 console makers are guilty of this so dont go calling out Nintendo as the only one. Atleast they are being a little more honest this time aronund. Im an Nintendo fan but im not deluded and i certainly don't buy anything with a Nintendo label on. Still never owned a DS or 3DS, and haven't bought Nintendo software for 3 years still doesn't mean that for 4 years of the Wii's life there was good software for it and i'm excited about the possibilities of the Wii U.

      People will keep defending Nintendo so long as there are people like you attacking it with opinions we don't share. If you cant hack that don't comment on the web.

      Also the Wii might have been inferior graphically but it was ahead of its time control wise, that's why we now have kinnect and move which have been doing quite well. Having a HD console with Motion control would have been way too expensive at launch and considering Nintendo's fading fortunes with the N64 and the Gamecube making such an expensive console would have been suicide. So they focused on Motion control and the rest is history. They did what it took to survive and they won.

      Sure they lost gamers due to the unfortunate amount of shovelware on the system but hey, its not like the Hardcore werent abandoning Nintendo anyway since N64. I will be interested to see how Nintendo trys to get back in gamers goodbooks. The full set of analogue controls was a good start (as well as motion and touchscreen), but a comprehensive change in the way it does online and deals with thirdparty developers is also needed and if it does it well the Wii U should do very well.

      Anyway i dont really expect much from you. Your comments are usually unreasonable.

      There w

      But... Not everyone agrees with your viewpoint, what if some people are miraculously able to enjoy stuff without insane cynicism?

      Was having a nice read then Tom the troll had to go ruin everything.

      I am really over this whole console wars and trolls! It's the same ol'

    ^ +1 for truth dripping in sarcasm

    Only need one mario game Iwata, then you've already won.

    Give me a Proper Mario game at Launch (that isnt New Super Mario Bros Mii) - I will be the first in line at Launch....

    ...LOL....who am I kidding! Day 1 for me Baby!!!!!!

    It's an awful lot of talk. Half of me is super excited for the Wii U because of some of it's specs - not shooting for the moon with hardware means they'll have to produce good games.

    The other half is skeptical because Nintendo can't prove to us how serious they are right now. They want us to take them at their word and shell out.

    I'll consider the Wii U a failure if all it does to differentiate from the Wii is get mundane action/adventure & shooter titles. What I'd like to see are more Final Fantasy Tactics, Animal Crossings and Zelda: Four Sword scale innovations.

    Games that go deeper into the mechanics of a game and focus less on bought-off-the-shelf physics engines and streamlined asset (textures, 3D models) production. It's part of why I really can't care for my PS3 anymore - most of the games are just movies with as few qualities as could be passed off that make them games.

    More interactivity, more social-graph, more persistence, more online, more integration, more dynamic.

    ^ Well said.
    The thing is, people who grew up playing Nintendo games will always root for the Big N. We want them to succeed and bring back the good ol' days so to speek. Now all Nintendo has to do is deliver a KILLER system with some fresh titles and some updated versions of some old favorites. I personally would love to play a modern-day Mafat Conspiracy game.


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