Save Almost 60% On A Logitech G27 Steering Wheel, Shifter And Pedals [Updated]

Scoopon currently has Logitech's G27 running as one of its deals, offering the $499 RRP steering wheel and pedal combo for $214.95 delivered. It works out to be 57 per cent off, though in reality it's more of a 15 per cent discount.

Update: Looks like you can get it even cheaper ($195, free shipping) from Logitech Shop. [thanks Nicholas] While the recommended retail price comes in at a few cents under $500, Static Ice shows that stores are selling it for as little as $251 (not including shipping). Still, if you're keen on picking it up, you will be saving yourself around $60 or so (if you factor in $20 for shipping from a regular shop).

The wheel is only compatible with the PC and PS3, so Xbox 360 users are out of luck. At the time of writing, the deal has two days to go, but traditionally these offers end once a certain number of users claim it.

Logitech Racing Wheel with Shifter & Pedals — Just $214.95, Delivered! [Scoopon]


    Wasn't there one a couple of weeks ago? That's where my G27 came from.

    Is this compatible with ecco the dolphin?

      Yes, the new Japanese whaling edition allows boat steering and harpooning with realistic rudder controls

    Was this price for a while after 7th May, and now it's back. Plus there's the added bonus of not dealing with Catch of the Day (same company as Scoopon)

      Oops, forgot to actually say it's $195 here :P

      Best deal was that DSE sale though, got mine for $139. Lovin' it.

        That $139 one was a head office screw up and we had to take them down an hour after they went up.

    Just ordered mine woohoo. Been busting for a G27 for so long.

    Oh, why no Xbox love Logitech?! Cant even get the official Microsoft 360 racing wheel anymore so that sux! Does anyone know if it works with an adaptor?

      Pretty sure there is no adaptor. You'll have to look at a Fanatec wheel. From all the reviews I've read/ watched, they are on par with the G27.

    I got me one late 2010 and ended up paying $600 including postage. I shopped around for almost 2 months before paying such a ludicrous amount. Problem is, this was the average price at the time.

    Shortly after I realised that the coffee table I had it mounted to simply wasn't going to cut it so I then spent as much on a pre-fab race seat.

    I can say with utmost certainty and a big smile on my face that it was one of the best purchases I have ever made. A whole lot of fun.

      same here 2010-2011 i was looking for a racing wheel for gt5 the only race wheel's at the time i could find in the country was a dodgy looking one or a logitech g27 needless to say i paid the $500 was very happy really really good bit of kit too bad i got bored of gt5 2-3 months later and i suck too much to use it on dirt 3 lol so its been idle for close to a year :(

    Shifter is on the wrong side.

      Not if you're a 'Merican

      The shifter is a separate component and can be attached to the left or right of the wheel

    No matter how much cheaper it is from Logitech Shop, you'd have to be an idiot to buy from them. For starters they're just another reseller that has nothing to do with Logitech and they're very dodgy. Faulty items and horrible communication. I bought a keyboard in late April and just got a working one 2 days ago after hounding them with emails every other day. Don't waste your money. I would have happily paid the $30 difference and got it from a real retail store a month ago.

      I've bought 2 wireless keyboard and mouse combo's from the logitech shop and haven't a problem with them yet

        That's good to know, however, it doesn't make MissTeaAddicts post any less valid. Whether the product works or not isn't indicative of the quality of the merchant (DOA products arrive from the best of sellers), but what is indicative of their quality is their actions when something goes wrong.

        And, quite frankly, it sounds like they are misleading with their affiliation with Logitech, they had bad communication, and they were slow to replace the product.

        Obviously some people do have a no-fuss sale, but when there is any problem, no matter how small, it is a major inconvenience. What annoys me most is that others got the same keyboard as me, for the same price, some even purchasing after I purchased mine but I had to wait a whole month for them to get around to sending me a replacement (the original one was dead on arrival and returned immediately).

        It wasn't until afterwards when I was having major problems with their customer service staff that someone from Logitech informed me that they actually have nothing to do with them . They use the name and call themselves "official" but they're no more connected to Logitech than any other reseller. As time went on their messages got even more indecipherable, i'm pretty sure they outsource their communications because every worker which messaged me barely seemed to understand English.

        If you want to take your chances then go ahead, but i'm actually surprised that this keyboard hasn't died yet. I'm sceptical whether their items are even new (especially judging by the beat up packaging). If it does have any issues in the near future, you can bet I won't be getting a replacement through them. Shop around and get a similar price from a more reputable retailer.

          I think that Logitechshop is owned/run by fluidtek in Carlingford.

    If some people got it at DSE for $139, screw up or not, i will not pay a cent more...

    P.S. i can wait, lol

    Just called DSE and $139 was impossible, except the store close down.

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