Ahahaha! I don't know if I can top yesterday's ScribbleTaku, which was, of course, The Dig! Well done to everyone who got it, and commiserations to Shane, who missed out on his moment of glory for a second time! I thought yesterday's Scribbletaku was terrible, but today's may be worse. I'm slipping.

Good luck guys!

ScribbleTaku is Kotaku’s newest lunchtime game. We give ourselves 30 seconds to draw an old game, on a sticky note, and it’s your job to try and guess what it is! Come back every day at 12 for a new ScribbleTaku!


    The Dig...
    Jetpack Joyride...

    Indiana Jones and the Collapsible Comment Thread

      I feel sorry for you dood. But it still made me laugh.

        Then he succeeded in his goal :)

          Laughter? Pffft.
          I want to WIN! And one day, I will.

          One day...

      hahahahahahaha! Oh man i missed out! That nearly takes out the day Tracey got it!!

    Time Cop?

      Or I think I mean Virtual Cop

        You might have meant Time Crisis.

          Yeah I think your right, I've mixed them up. But looking at pictures of Virtual Cop, that is the one I was trying to think of.

    Bad drawing 101

    you have certainly perfected the 'scribble' part of the game Mark.

    Assassins Creed

    I want to say Modern Warfare 2

      So I will... Modern Warfare 2

        I want to say Modern Warfare 2 aswell!

          Here goes: Modern Warfare 2.
          I did it, yay!


    The Darkness...? It reminds me of that bit where you're tortured with a drill in a church.

    Out of this world (Another world)

    House of the Dead?

    Specifically, HotD 2?

    I'd have to agree with Cephalxn with Bank Panic.

    Police Trainer (Arcade)

    Mark is really putting the "scribble" into "scribbletaku"

    Super Mario Land? Stupid work computer won't let me see the scribble :(

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