So I've decided that I'm going to have guests contribute to ScribbleTaku. I'm interviewing Randy Pitchford next week, and hopefully I'll be able to get him to scribble a game in 30 seconds for your guessing enjoyment. But for now, I've asked new Kotaku code monkey Rob Hussey to draw his favourite old game in 30 seconds. Man... you guys are never going to guess this.

Also — well done to everyone who guessed yesterday's ScribbleTaku — of course it was The Secret of Monkey Island!



    what was the last remember this???

      the secret of monkey island.

        The text adventure? Not yesterdays scribbletaku.

          my bad.

            All good. Its just bugging me that I can't find the official answer to this. :) Was it posted somewhere?

              The initial idea was for the last Remember This to be a mystery for all time...

                The Bermuda triangle, the JFK Assassination, City of atlantis, stonehenge, and now.. the last remember this.

    Ocarina of Time, maybe because it's a baby deku tree?

    Other thought was that the spiky thing reminded me of a Roman camp in an Asterix comic - so Asterix and the Something-Something?

    I'm thinking "Snake, Rattle N'Roll" on the NES?


      Whether or not it was intentional, the angle the photo was taken doesn't give a clear indication on which is the 'bottom' of the drawing, but from that perspective it's a dead ringer for it.

      That was a pretty fun game back on the NES.

      It was the detailed depiction of the snake that did it Mark


    Diablo 2.

    Fat Princess

      I wonder if the Google people are going "hmm ever since last week, google image searches have dropped significantly"

    Warcraft 1/2/3

    mortal kombat

    Baldur's Gate. Big gate, looks like a boulder off to this side...

    That's clearly a Pikmin. Clearly. :P

    Sneaky Snakes?

    Breath of Fire?

    The perspective is a bit weird, but it makes me think of either Shift or Lost In Shadow.

    Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

    VVVVV or "And yet it moves" come to mind - one of those changing the orientation of the world ones anyway.

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