See Halo, Mass Effect, Battlefield & Modern Warfare Stab Each Other In The Guts

Some of the biggest shooters in the world (and Mass Effect) go head to head in this clip by Corridor Digital, which compares each series' "instakill" by having a whole lot of people get stabbed.

Of course, there can be only one winner. And it's none of the games mentioned in that headline...

Art of the Instakill [YouTube, via TDW]


    Wondered how long until Luke used his journalism superpowers to link this. But I'm not complaining this time, cause it's an awesome video.

    PURE AWESOME! Love the Corridor Digital stuff

    I think the same way as myself obviously, I'd already seen this and VGHS cause I subscribe to both channels...

    needed someone being splayed with a Lancer goW style

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