See, Video Game Covers In The UK Are Like This And In Australia They're Like ƨiʜT

Because of the size and position of the Australian ratings classification for video games (CTC here is a placeholder), Ubisoft had to mirror the image of the Far Cry 3 box art, in order for us to see that poor bastard buried up to his nostrils by that psychopath, posing like a dual-wielding Le Penseur.


    Ouch, it looks way better in the original form, dont know why though.

      I'm guessing that's the way it was painted. I hope they'll have the original on the flip side.

      I think it's because of the red 3 balancing out the green of the trees on the opposite side in the UK version that makes it look better. Doesn't really blend well with the greens in our version.

        Don't worry there will be a big red MA15+ where the CTC is to balance it out

      People always look more natural when they're looking to the right (as in western culture we go from left to right, hence they're looking 'forwards').

        I was thinking this too. The mountains and trees slope downwards to the right in on the UK version too; the whole thing is slanted from left to right.

      There's a bit of difference in the colour saturation.

    Meh, any company that can't be arsed to program friendly AI doesn't warrant much consideration.

      why would you want to play against a friendly AI?

        Play against a friendly AI.
        Ehehe.. it IS kinda like that isn't it?

    god the CTC logo is massively ridiculous, does the govt think we are all legally blind/morons ? I mean look how big it is compared to the 18 box, the massive logo detracts from it being collectible too

      From a graphic design point of view, I think the Australian CTC logo looks way better.

      The Aus version will contain a written description of the content, so it necessarily has to be bigger than a two digit label.

      Of course what I'd love to see is a description of 'Brutal stuff like this' with an arrow pointing over to the buried head...

        I prefer the way PEGi is done. A simple number on the front and on the back there are logos which indicates what type of content is in the game. Violence, for example, is a fist, drugs is a syringe, gambling is dice, etc.

        Much neater in my view.

          Ughh - I hate the PEGI Logos, necessary I guess in a multi-lingual society such as Europe - but I prefer to read the descriptions

    Now the gun is in the opposite hand too, edit the game to make the protagonist left handed?? Ha

    Until recently I thought Australia had the stupidest over-sized rating, but no that right is actually reserved for Germany with their USK ratings. That shit's ridiculous.

    At least we're not stuck with the American cover.

    I think apart from minor balance issues that our cover looks worse here because it is washed out as buggery. Compare the 360 strip at the top.

    Not sure why, but the original looks a lot better.

    Considering I buy all my games digitally I don't really care though. Boxes are a dying art form, like the instruction manual.

      Well when it comes to dying art forms, you're definitely not helping.

    i'm suprised the OFLC hasn't given it an RC classification like every other awesome game released.

    Oh wow. I guess this doesn't overally affect anything.... maybe a collector will be more inclined to purchase both?

      Nope. Just import the correct one... And save money...

    He's not really looking at the "camera" anymore.

    After traversing the vast wastelands and reading this article on the american Kotaku, all i have to say is why are Americans so obsessed with the way our toilet flushes?

    Not enough wub wub.

    it looks really odd, might be due the angle and the way we see it but im not too sure. Surely it couldn't have hurt them to just do a reversible cover without the classification on it?

    Who cares, buy it from ozgameshop. Problem solved.

    Are we that immature that we really give a rats arse how the box looks? Most DVD covers are horrible looking - but most people laugh it off.

    We read left to right, and our eyes are lead left to right because of his pose in the original one (our eyes follow his arm and the direction he is pointing the gun). Much like the stupid decisions made here, the design is literally backwards and any design decisions made have effectively been rendered null - basically what we've seen here is art (and visual information) being censored. In the mirrored image, as we look left to right, we see the arm pointing to the left and we're told "NO, GO BACK" and our visual journey ends.

    Of course, it doesn't really matter as 90% of Australian gamers will be importing from the UK anyway.

    Well i rather this than have the artwork impaired. Why are people getting all huffy puffy about it?

    is it just me or does the guy buried up to his nostrils look like zachery levi from chuck?

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