Shadow Of The Colossus Film Adaptation In The Works

Sony Pictures has signed writer/director Josh Trank (Chronicle) to make 2005 fan-favourite game Shadow of the Colossus movie. No word yet on casting for Wander... or the horse. [Deadline]


    Haven't seen Chronicle so I can't really make any call on it yet, not that a movie of SOTC is needed but if it's happening I hope they try to do it right.

      Just lose all faith in the film now, it's for the best

        I'm not giving my hopes up by any means, but I will keep an interested eye on this as it develops.

    I think Agro should be played by Edward Norton and Russell Crowe in a pantomime horse costume.

    Crowe can be the back half - he's already a horse's ass most of the time anyway.

    Honestly, I'd only watch a Shadow of the Colossus movie if it were made by Studio Ghibli, cause I feel they would be the only ones capable of capturing the contrast between the quiet, desolate atmosphere and the sublime, overwhelming nature of the Colossi themselves.

    Also they wouldn't try to bog it down with ludicrous amounts of backstory.

      "Also they wouldn’t try to bog it down with ludicrous amounts of backstory."

      So basically a lot of monologue scenes, possibly after every colossi death.

    Aww, that's the Colossus from the desert that wasn't even interested in attacking me, he just wanted to fly around minding his own business. :(

    Who's that at the door?!
    It's Secretariat!!!!!!!!!!!
    *dances around*

    Would be awesome!

    I think that dreamy Aussie actor should play Agro:'s-cartoon-connection-poster.jpg

    It will be very difficult, I think, for anyone to do justice to this. I've been trying my best using the written word, but it is incredibly difficult to capture the emotions that this game makes you feel.

    Hmmmm, no. I won't be watching this. How do you make a movie out of a game with next to no dialogue?

    Answer: you add dialogue.
    Conclusion: Source material ruined.

    Game over.

      dialogue isn't what will ruin the attempt. the mistake is making an attempt to make SotC a movie at all.
      if Sony is making decisions like this, I'm starting to understand why they're doing so badly....

        Their movie business is pretty healthy... made $400+ million profit last year.

        Their problem is electronics, especially TVs, not music, movies or games which are all doing OK.

      Maybe the Best Picture Oscar being won by The Artist is leading to a revival of silent movies?

    Are they going to keep the original soundtrack?

    Movie fail.

    Shakey camera technique will be used lol

    Whats shadow of the colossus?

    This has been coming for quite a few years now, and my opinion is still the same. Don't. Just don't.

    It might work as an animation...


      *Argo...not Agro. Agro was that Muppet with his own show.

        It is Agro, from the Japanese "Aguro".

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