Shigeru Miyamoto Explains Why The Vita Isn't 'A Very Strong Product'

Given recent sales trends, Nintendo probably isn't that worried about the PlayStation Vita posing any kind of a threat to their own 3DS. But that doesn't mean that haven't thought about Sony's device.

Over at Edge, an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto has the Nintendo game design legend praising the specs of the Vita but also finding fault with the device's launch so far:

"It's obviously a very hi-spec machine, and you can do lots of things with it... But I don't really see the combination of software and hardware that really makes a very strong product."

To be fair, he also says that the 3DS faced similar challenges at its debut:

"When we launched the 3DS hardware we didn't have Super Mario 3D Land, we didn't have Mario Kart 7, we didn't have Kid Icarus: Uprising. We were striving to have all of these ready for the launch, but we weren't able to deliver them at that time. We were kind of hoping that people would, nevertheless, buy into the product, find 3DS hardware promising, but looking back we have to say we realise the key software was missing when we launched the hardware."

That last bit speaks to the kind of following that Nintendo's built up over its decades of handheld gaming dominance. A chunk of their constituency is the will to invest in new hardware with the understanding that the games — usually the iconic first-party franchises — will come. Sony hasn't built that kind of faith in the handheld market yet and it's clearly hurting them.

Miyamoto: Vita needs games [Edge]


    and it looks like the games aren't coming either- new CoD and GoW announced, no mention of Vita versions. Even the Bioshock guys said a Vita title wasn't a priority and Sony still won't roll out remote play. Devs don't seem to care, Sony can't deliver advertised features and I'm the owner of an incredibly expensive paperweight. So bummed right now.

    The software and hardware combination of the vita is totally fine, it's great in fact, the problem is the cost. I'm sure every man and his dog will go buy one of these as soon as the price comes down, myself included!

    I would buy one for console quality games-my 3DS can do the handheld based games like pokemon great already-but at the moment, the only games which seem to be console quality AND seem to interest me are Mortal Kombat and Marvel vs Capcom, and I don't even like fighting games! Maybe if they get a cod or a bioshock or something (c'mon Fallout vita) that i'm interested in, i'll buy it. And is it just me or is the 3DS's 1 console like game (RE:R) much better than all of the vita's console like games?

    The reason I won't get either is because of a lack of quality games as well as the cost of the hardware and games, if I want something portable to play I'll get some app games for my ipod touch, they may not be as good quality as games on these machines, but they still give me that gaming hit on the go, while being far far cheaper. I also feel like a dork playing on a handheld in public not so with the ipod.

      So you're self-conscious?

      Well let me just tell you by my experience when I whip out my Vita everyday on the mourning train, you get immediate glares of jealously, in fact I once had a guy put away what ever shit he was playing on the Iphone.

        :( why is the train sad?

          Because it's Melbourne + 7:30am + Metro Trains. Why wouldn't you be.

        to be honest think you are looking into peoples reactions WAY TO MUCH!

    The longer development time for new vita softwares will have to be taken into consideration as well since the consumers will expect higher quality games for a more powerful handheld console . It will definitely take more time for the Vita to develop the kind of momentum that 3DS since Mario 3D land was released in November 2011. It is looking more like the PSP roller-coaster ride all over again.

    If only there were some sort of upcoming Entertainment Expo to announce a slew of games at.

      Heh heh heh

      lmao at 3DS price drop. And the funny thing is, the Vita is still a better opiton . Just when Sony thinks PS Vita is aggressively priced at $249.99, Nintendo strikes back with an insane price drop to $169.99..

    I think Sony needs to focus more on unique game designs and stop focusing on the "console quality" stuff. Handhelds provide a place for games that, on console, wouldn't get as much game time, and original IP is needed across the whole board too.

      True true
      To me, the main problem with the Vita is that it tries to give you a console experience on the go - which is something it does very well - but if I want a console experience I'll play at home on a phat telly with 5.1 surround.. Not to say that the Vita is bad, just that I don't feel any compelling reason to buy one.

        I'm sorry but that arguement is a complete crock of S**t

        Don't believe me, Take Mario Kart for example...Mario Kart sells very well on the DS/3DS platform...but wait a minute, isn't this a handheld version of a CONSOLE game that has been around since the days of the SNES???

        It's not exactly a unique DS title, lets take Elite Beat Agents as a contrast. Elite Beat Agents is the truest sense of a unique game designed around the DS Hardware. Yet sales wise, it was something of a dissapointment...hell by 2009 it had sold just under 200,000 units in America alone

        Meanwhile the Console Game that is on the Handheld sold 20 Million Worldwide

        The Unique Handheld game flopped (which is a shame because I absolutely loved EBA)
        The Console Game on the Handheld meanwhile has sold in the Millions

        Clearly gamers don't want unique Handheld experiences...they clearly want named console franchises on the go if this is anything to go by

      Yet the greatest selling portable games are all "console quality" titles which in no way "wouldn't get much game time" on a console had they been on a home console: Pokemon, Monster Hunter, (insert X billionth RPG title), Mario Bros, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy spin-offs, Kingdom Hearts spin-offs, Mario Kart, Gran Turismo.........List goes on and on.

      Gamers wanting a "unque" experience on a handheld is a complete myth. Look up Wikipedia for best selling games and you'll see this to be true.

    The problem at first with the original PSP was that rather than focus on making unique, original titles that took advantage of the powerful hardware it instead tried to be a portable Playstation (ironically enough). It was only once Devs attempted to build games for the PSP rather than for a portable version of the Playstation 2 that the system really shined.

    Though i'm sure it was a translation issue, I hope he isn't that arrogant in real life. If i where him i'd fix up his own poor software lineup before commenting on the competitions faults. And yest PSVIta and 3dS both suck ass.

      Thank you for that poetic and witty comment.

    Entry price to handheld gaming is too high. People are reluctant to spend 300-400 dollars on a device then 60-70 dollars on titles. Only really enthusiastic gamers are willing to part with that kind of cash.

    The Vita as a product is very strong. If devs look at that device and can't work out what to make, that isn't Sony's fault. You have basically everything you could want or need in that device. The only thing that is pointless is 3G. I still have no idea why Sony made a version with it.

      The $60-$70 price is still a sticking point for the 3DS as far as I'm concerned, and is the reason I only own 3 titles for the system (two $50 ones - Mario & Zelda and one $20 one Splinter Cell) and will just wait for price drops rather than pay those extortionist rates.

    Well the 3DS only really started selling in numbers when they slashed the price.......Hint, Hint Sony.

    What he said rings very true. For any game system, it's software over hardware. Hardware only becomes definitive when the software is the same, and right now, the Vita is lacking in good software.

    After all, why would anyone buy the more expensive game machine with less games?

    I find it strange that Miyamoto seems surprised to find out that a console's launch won't go well without compelling software to sell alongside it. Has he only just realized this? Nintendo knew it with the 64, and seemed to forget it, subsequently, with Gamecube and the DS. The Wii had an excellent launch strategy, regardless of whether or not we "hardcore" gamers liked it or not. The fact that they managed to drop the ball so badly with the 3DS launch mystifies me.

      Nintendo dropped the ball on GBA, DS too. 3DS is the 1st Nintendo portable that I refused to get. My reason be I forsee a 3DS with dual analog in the future (possible when PSV sales picks up). Second reason is due to region lock. If I were staying in the States or Japan, then I won't mind region lock, but I don't... so region lock is a deal breaker for me.

      What Vita need is, Monster Hunt and Square Enix game, then they will do will in Japan.
      As for outside Japan, the memory card price needs to drop first (my only reason for holding off purchasing Vita).

    Sony delivered an empty Vita launch range just as they did with the PS3.

    I still think E3 there will be a massive focus on the Vita...considering Sony are releasing details on some of their bigger PS3 titles (GOW Ascension, All Stars Battle Royale, Rumored Killzone teaser in the works) makes me wonder, what do they have stored for E3 and will the Vita be at the forefront of the show

    I can forsee them announcing a Date for LBP Vita at E3, maybe that COD Vita game will finally be revealed at E3, perhaps a teaser for an inFamous Vita game...maybe some more details on the Killzone Vita game...Whatever Kojima is doing next (since Transfarring seems to be his big focus)...perhaps they roll out the Vita firmware update finally allowing us to play PSone games and expanding the Remote Play compatibility...hell wouldn't it be cool if PS2 support was added to the Vita (long shot but would be cool)

    I still think that at E3 there will be a big focus on Vita and I can see a lot of games either finally getting release dates or some new stuff being announced...or at least I'm hoping...

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