Shin Megami Tensei IV Is Coming To 3DS, Gets A Couple Of Teaser Images

There is a new Shin Megami Tensei game coming, and it looks to be coming only to the Nintendo 3DS. This confirms last night's rumour, and now we have a couple of teaser images to show you.

The game's teaser site is now live, depicting a couple of people overlooking a distant city, with the streets of the city covered in fog.

NeoGAFer SolidSnakeex has cleared the images up to make them easier to view; given the desolate sound effects and dark, abondoned streets, it seems like this city has seen better days. The images are quite wide, so click 'em to see the full version.

We've got a note off to Atlus PR and will be sure to update once we've got more information about the game.


    I thought this was for Vita.

      They wrote vita in the title, but the article said 3ds... editing fail which they still haven't corrected.

    I thought the inital image had a PSVita logo in the I assumed it was Vita

    Damn. It is 3DS. Now I can't fucking import...

    Strange Journey IS Shin Megami Tensei IV. If this is part of the mailine series, it would be SMT 5. Regardless, rad.

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