Skullgirls Getting Cross-Platform PC/PS3 Play

This was somewhat lost in the shuffle of Wednesday's announcement that Skullgirls, the 2D fighter currently available on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, would be getting a PC version. The game's official Twitter feed says that PC and PS3 gamers will be able to play together thanks to cross-platform compatibility, but it won't be implemented "until a few months" after the PC version releases.

This was in response to a question as to whether Skullgirls would use Games For Windows Live. If it's cross-platforming with the PS3, then "definitely not GFWL," the game's makers said. So that is a double dose of good news for fans of the fighter.

PC version of Skullgirls will not use Games For Windows Live, hoping to have cross platform between PC and PS3 [EventHubs via VG247.]


    I like this sort of thing. Kinda weird that Microsoft doesn't let it happen with their console. You'd think Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Xbox would be able to play together.

      Microsoft really don't want the PC to succeed as a gaming platform. They don't get a cut of the profit from games being sold on PC, which they do from Xbox games (console licensing and the likes). It's a big reason why GFWL is such a shocking service. The platform isn't doing them any favors.
      I suppose ironically, it's the open nature of windows that makes it so successful, particularly for indie games. But there you go.
      Now, I'm hoping they're using the SteamWorks netcode, since Portal 2 demonstrated the compatability between the 2 platforms so well. It's a long shot, though.

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