Skyrim Kinect Support And DLC Announcement Coming Tomorrow

Skyrim Kinect Support And DLC Announcement Coming Tomorrow

Skyrim’s Kinect update will go live tomorrow, Bethesda said this afternoon on its blog. The publisher will also announce the first downloadable content pack for its popular role-playing game, although VP of Marketing Pete Hines warned that we’ll only hear a “tidbit” of information about the upcoming DLC.

Bethesda also released a full PDF file of the voice commands that will be included in the free upcoming patch.

A recent patch hinted at some of the content that could be included in the upcoming Skyrim DLC, such as snow elves and a crossbow weapon. Bethesda has promised that the game’s DLC will feel like expansion packs, so we’ll likely see a lot more than elves and crossbows (and horse armour).

Skyrim Kinect Support Arrives Tomorrow [Bethesda Blog]


  • I hope this fixes the latest update’s bug that causes the game to crash when I take a dive into water.
    Still looking forward to it.

    • Re instal game data and re download the patch to fix this issue. I’m sure it was given with the patch notes.

  • I’m not sure how interested I am in Skyrim DLC. I liked Skyrim. But… it’s really going to have to be interesting to get me back into it.

    • Until this weekend I only had around 10 hours spent in Skyrim. I just hadn’t got into it. But I loaded it up on the weekend and I’m hooked. It’s actually daunting how much there is to do. I never had this problem with Morrowind or Oblivion despite this being essentially the same game. Maybe it’s because now I’m working fulltime when for the others I was at school or uni.

  • As long as there’s crossbows I don’t care. If there are crossbows, it will open up so many modding possibilities.

    • Apparently the voice recognition is locked into the kinect codec. It annoys me no end that MS won’t extend it to the microphone, as the motion component of kinect is utterly unappealing to me.

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