Sleeping Dogs Looks Like A Hodgepodge From The Last Five Years Of Action Games

Sleeping Dogs Looks Like A Hodgepodge From The Last Five Years Of Action Games

I may be crazy for looking forward to United Front’s upcoming open-world action game but Sleeping Dogs looks like it’s going to scratch a particular Hong-Kong-gangster-cinmea itch of mine. It also looks like it’s throwing elements designed to appeal to every possible sort of taste.

Extreme car-jacking a la The Wheelman? Check. Need for Speed style racing? Karaoke gameplay and cockfight gambling? Uh, sure. It’s got those, too. You’ll get your chance to go crazy in Hong Kong when Sleeping Dogs hits in August.


  • Too bad my PS3 isn’t backwards compatible with PS2 games, otherwise I’d consider getting this.

  • Bad framerate? Check. Subpar shooting mechanics. Check. Uninspiring animation. Check. Really, really bad lipsyncing. Check. Voiceover trying to do the hard sell convincing me its the goty and ‘never been seen before’? Check.

    It’s ticking all the boxes for mediocre. Not seeing a single thing there we haven’t seen before. I know I’m sounding really, really anal about it but that just….. yeah it was bland.

      • I know it’s the internet, but I’m likely older than you 🙂 Framerate issues equal problems in gameplay with accuracy quite often, especially in shooters. I love my consoles but hate sloppily put together games. That ok with you? ‘kid’?

        • You’re a condescending piece of shit, and I hope the next parcel you recieve contains aids.

          Also, were’s your evidence of framerate issues? Where is evidence of subpar shooting mechanics? Oh whats that? You don’t have any? Or did you just lose them, you senile old man?

          Yours faithfully,

          Someone who will die much later than you

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