So Far, Ron Gilbert's Next Adventure Game Is Way Over My Head

Today, I got a package from Double Fine promising details on the legendary Ron Gilbert's new adventure game. But… I can't figure out what it is! It just looks like a jumble of cardboard pieces. Maybe this was supposed to be packaging for the USB key they forgot to send? I don't…. understand…

Is it a metaphor of some sort? Does this mean that the game is going to be released in a bunch of tiny little pieces? God, Who knows.

Maybe I'll just turn to the internet. Hey, it looks like Game Informer got a way better-looking image than I did!

What the crap, Double Fine? Why do the other sites get a cool piece of artwork and I get a bunch of useless junk!

What am I missing here?

Well, they did invite me to the studio to learn more, so I guess I'll have to head over there to get to the bottom of this.


    you can send that "useless junk" my way anytime!

    Id love to frame that puzzle and put it on my desk :)

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