So, That Minecraft Thing Is A Pretty Big Deal

So that Minecraft, eh? It's a pretty big deal apparently. We knew that of course, but I'm personally still a little surprised at just how much success the game seems to be having on Xbox LIVE. According to Major Nelson's latest update, Minecraft is currently the second most played game on Xbox LIVE, overtaking Black Ops, Battlefield 3, FIFA 12, and Halo Reach. Wow.

According to Major Nelson, this is the first time an Xbox LIVE Arcade game has taken the number two spot.

I don't know why I'm surprised. It's a combination of things I suppose — the fact that Minecraft has been out for a long time on PC, the fact that it's more suited to a PC audience. I expected there would be some measure of success, but nothing like this.

I guess, more than anything, it's just proof that the idea and execution of Minecraft is scratching an itch consumers never knew they had.

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    After playing Minecraft on a laptop, I believe that Minecraft is definitely a couch game. It's the sort of thing you want to sit back and relax with, so sitting on a couch with a wireless controller in hand is a lot more fitting than sitting upright at a desktop setup.

      While I think Minecraft is great as a PC game, the couch experience is great too, especially if you're doing split-screen co-op.

    Speaking of Xbox live, but also a little off topic. why do we not have an article each week about the new Xbox Live and PSN content released.
    I bought Minecraft last night but also noticed on Xbox the SEGA Monsterworld 3 game collection which i wouldn't have seen otherwise. Needless to say i bought that straight away.

    I play Minecraft on the PC and Xbox and I now prefer the Xbox version.

    There is something very appealing about the blocky graphics on a big screen HDTV. The easy co-op and improved crafting make a big difference.

    I also think it's a self fulfilling prophecy. I bought Minecraft just to see what all of the hype was about. That then drives sales data like this that perhaps intrigues others to see what they're missing out on...

    Only issue i have with it is the beta they are using, going from the most current pc version to xbox is a little annoying. Like not being able to lead animals with wheat and make gates for fences to farm animals. There a few bugs like randomly getting attacked when nothing is there.

    Apart from that it's brillant on xbox my partner and i can build twice as many phallus looking objects together in a faster amount of time. It also makes gathering resources a lot faster.

    One thing to consider would be that there are a lot of younger players of Minecraft, and that the PC version can have a lot of trouble running smoothly sometimes even on newer computers, plus it's not easy for someone who isn't tech savvy to set up a private multiplayer game with their friends.

    Performance and playing with friends are two things that are far better on Xbox so maybe a lot of the PC players have moved there quickly.

    One of the most well done PC to Console translations ever.

    I got the watered down version on iPhone/pad. Even though I am missing out on HEAPS apparently,
    I have been playing this in the train to work for a good 2 months. If they get to the stage
    where it will be more like the PC and xbox on the idevices I'd be so happy

    Is the game ruining 'Duplication Glitch' fixed yet?

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