Sony About To Break Out A Massive PixelJunk Sale

Some of my favourite console experiences this generation have come from PixelJunk games, my personal favourite being PixelJunk Monsters, and now to celebrate Q Games' 10th anniversary, all of the PixelJunk games are on sale, starting tomorrow.

PixelJunk Racers, Monsters, Eden, and Shooter will all be reduced to $1 in the US, and PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe for the PSP, PixelJunk Shooter 2 and PixelJunk SideScroller are half price. We're currently chasing confirmation as to what the reduced Aussie price will be.

It appears as though there are a handful of reasons for this massive sale — the 10 year anniversary of Q Games, obviously, but also the fact that PixelJunk 4am is set for release on May 15.

I'm a huge fan of the PixelJunk series. Q Games founder Dylan Cuthbert appears to be on it, so hopefully we'll get similar price reductions in Australia, this is a must buy. Monsters, Eden, and Shooter are my own personal favourites, but all are high quality titles.

Monstrous PixelJunk Sale Tomorrow, San Francisco Community Event Thursday [PlayStation Blog]


    PixelJunk games make the PS3 worth owning imo. I'll definitely have to pick up the PixelJunk games I haven't bought yet.

    US$1 on the US store? So that'll be about $18 for us, right?

    Sony should have more sales like this. Steam does it all the time and the sales bring in more customers and more sales to the online platform.

    I can bet that many of these games will be in the best selling titles on PSN this week. Hopefully this isn't a one off sale and the success of this sale will encourage Sony to have regular sales and have more flexible pricing on their digital content.

    $1 in the US, so I'm guessing... $5 here in Aus?

    I know most already, but as this is US only at the moment, hopefully it will reach our shores.

      *I own most*... I need some caffeine!

    don't hold ur breath ppl... we miss out on a lot when it comes to the PSN

    Dammit, I just bought Pixeljunk Shooters 2! It was only $12.95, but half price is half price, right?
    (I've already played $12.95 worth of game, too, so I should shut up ...)

    I bet there won't even BE a sale on the AUS Store, cheap skates..

    I love PixelJunk games. If only you could gift games on PSN, I'd snatch these up again.

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