Sony Hits 30-Year Low

Things have been better for Sony. But now, things are not good. In Tokyo trading, the company hit a 31-year low after it failed to miss forecasts. [Bloomberg]


    C'mon, really? How about saying what the low is? What the last low was? The implications of the low? The possible causes of the low?

      Well you see, it failed to miss forecasts, which means it was always there for the weather, so uh and nobody likes the guy who always catches the weather, and Sony was always that guy, so now they're feeling low.

    Things have been better for Kotaku. But now, things are not good. In Internet trading, the website hit a 5-year low after it failed to IMPROVE THEIR FUCKING STANDARDS.

    This is seriously an all time low for Kotaku.

    I can't wait to see even less words... Example:

    Sony. Low. Not good. [Bloomberg]

    I try not to serve abuse on stories I don't think quite hit the mark, but ... well ... here I am.

    Was expecting interesting article detailing implications of Sony's financial troubles for Japan and possible causes and remedies for the situation.
    Silly me though...Sony wasn't cosplaying as a 31 year low so Bashcraft does not deign to write about it.

    I generally avoid Ashcraft bashing.. But seriously?? Pathetic...

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