Sony Survey Suggests New Games, Call Of Duty: Elite May Be In PlayStation Plus' Future

A marketing survey conducted by Sony suggests it's pondering content changes to PlayStation Plus, potentially including free, full-size Blu-Ray games on the day they release, and a free Call of Duty: Elite subscription, reports IGN.

PlayStation Plus, the premium content service Sony launched in 2010, currently offers annual subscriptions for $US49.99, or three-month subscriptions for $US17.99. Discounts, trial versions of games and free versions of older games are included, with the catalogue updating monthly.

The survey asked respondents to pick their ideal PlayStation Plus plan from a range of hypothetical content offerings, then what they're willing to pay for that. The subscription choices included a monthly plan.

Sony responded to the IGN post by saying "We have nothing specific to announce at this time." More details, plus a screenshot of the survey and the hypothetical content offerings it described, are at the link.

PlayStation Plus: Free COD Elite and New Releases? [IGN]


    they need to do something. this months offerings were reasonable. but, unfortunately the past 6 months or so have been absolutely pathetic. the amount of plus users on my friends list has dropped right off lately too. in saying that, my subscription won't be getting renewed either

      Mine will be. I took it up last year when it was on sale and it's been absolutely fantastic. Probably paid for itself 2 or 3 times over.

        I agree, I've had it since it was launched and while it took a bit to get going overall i have been very happy with it. Will definitely be keeping my subscription.

        The one thing that i don't like about it is all the free games you get from it will be deactivated if you unsubscribe. It sucks but i guess that's the hook they are using to keep people using it.

          That was an early objection of mine. But the fact is that most games I'm not still playing after 6 months anyway. It's the promise of future good quality free content that will make me renew, more so than the ability to keep playing stuff I got a year ago.

          Plus the cloud save feature - that saved me from having to restart Dark Souls after accidentally attacking somebody I shouldn't have. Would have had to ditch 20 odd hours progress and start again if I hadn't been able to get my previous day's save back from the cloud.

          It's kind of like an extended rental service, which for many is no problem, since many games after 6-12 months you won't go back to any time soon. So instead of paying the full RRP for a game you'll won't play in a years time, you'll get full acess to the game, without paying for it directly, so you get the experience and you don't lose out. Just like renting from blockbuster or video ezy, it's great way to taste different games without having to pay the full price.

          Been quite happy with my subscription, which is due for a renewal next week. This month alone it paid itself off (games totalled to about $100) not to mention the amount of stuff i have recieved over the past year and a half.

    If they switched over to a blanket discount on everything, rather than time limited discounts on select items, I'd be more likely to subscribe.

    Given the cut Sony takes from every sale on the PSN Store, they should be able to do this profitably without the involvement of individual publishers (like they do for the discounts at the moment). It wouldn't even have to be a huge discount: since it would apply to everything, it would be pretty easy to estimate how much you'd save, and it would encourage general spending on the store.

      The whole point of sales is generate interest, and more than often to generate interest for smaller or less popular games. If there was a blanket discount, you'd find people would just purchase stuff they were going to anyway and continue to ignore the rest, since there is no on the spot incentive to do so.

    ... "reports IGN". Yes... last week.

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