Sony Thought About Making The PS4 A Download-Only Console

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony "considered but ultimately rejected" plans to make its next home console - code-named Orbis - a download-only device.

The fact it even thought about such a move shows not only how far digital delivery has come in the six years since the PS3 first launched, but also shows just how little Sony really gives a damn about people who rely entirely on the sale of boxed, used video games.

Compared to a console that doesn't even have a disc drive, word that the Orbis will feature some kind of used games protection service (likely in a form that requires a paid unlock) seems downright charitable of Sony.

Sony Rejects Web-Based PlayStation Console [Wall Street Journal]


    I suppose consumers could largely adapt, retailers definitely couldn't - unless they were just selling consoles and accessories.

    No physical media is still pretty extraordinary though, given that it assumes everyone has access to high-speed wireless (?) interwebs.

    I would never be able to play a game. Especially if the games are BD disk quality and size.

    maybe but that will cut 80% of there customers

    I would simply not buy any console that was dl content only and have broadband.

    Sony think they are trail blazes here but all they would be doing is forcing ppl to confirm to there busines model.

    The new wave is streamed games. Like movies or YouTube, only...streamed. Doesn't seen like the internet infrastructure us ready for it yet though.

    thank god there not, it would sucks, 5 hours of downloading the game, 25gb of my 200gb gone, no freaking way, wonder when pc games will start coming on blu-ray?

      You get 200GB? Well aren't you a lucky duck.

    You'd think they'd have learned from the massive failure that was the PSP: Go. Though I suppose since hey rejected it, maybe they did.

    I converted to download only for PC because of Steam, and I never thought I would. Could I do that for consoles? Totally, as long as they fix their pricing. PS Vita pricing in the US is good though, glad I imported my Vita. $35 for new games ftw.

    My internet just can't handle dl only. Once i get the nbn, though, no problems. Hdd size shouldn't be an issue on next gen consoles. I would expect 1gb to be fairly standard by then. A ps3 now can handle that size with ease.

    IT took me 4 days to download DC Universe Online. 15Gb. That's about Blu-ray size right?

      i remember downloading the beta for it, onlyfor it, after 4 days download, go corrupt because the patch that supposed to fix it, made it unplayable -_-

      I think that might be for most blu-rays. off the top of my head there are a few that are larger than that, but so far i havent had any ps3 game downloads bigger than 15GB

      Bluray is 50GB per side, and 25GB per layer. So yeah, 15GB would force the disc format to Bluray, if was on a single disc. Or 2 - 3 on DVD.

    Am I the only one who read that headline and thought Sony was taking the ambitious path of having you download your PS4?

    Thank God they came to their senses, I dont think the playstation brand could handle another flop in a row after the psp go,experia play and the Vita although its still early days.

    I love how negative the article is against Sony. They did a feasibility study and discounted it (companies do these all the time). They probably did that because they did give care about their customers.

      It's cool to hate on Sony.

      I've seen this reported heavily elsewhere, and no-one was snarky like this article is.

    Umm yea sorry but we're like at least 5 probably more like 10 years away from having affordable high speed broadband infrastructure in place to make this even a remote possibility.

    Bluray ain't going anywhere as its still the cheapest and most compact way to move 50GB of data.

    Not going to happen next generation.
    The storage isn't cheap enough for 4TB drives, average person is unable to download a 10GB file let alone 25+GB, download speed it another factor all too slow right now.

    You think current gen 25GB games are big?
    With next gen true 1080p higher res textures are required almost x2 larger,
    models and environments are more detailed. All that means larger files.

    It would not surprise me one bit it an average game will be around 20-30GB with more
    elaborate games like Grand Theft Auto VI hitting 100+GB.

    The generation after that in 2019 yes download only probably most likely.

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