Sony Web Address For Next PlayStation Doesn't Work Anymore

Above, an image screencapped on my computer the day this past March when we broke the news that the so-called PlayStation 4 is codenamed Orbis.

That URL up there used to work, curiously bringing people to same PlayStation developers' site that similar web addresses for PS3 would take you to.

I tried it again today. No good!

Here, you try it. Or even try the PS3 version. That used to work, too. Surely the PS3 name is still good somewhere in the world wide web!

Hmm. What's up with that, Sony? Covering your tracks better?


    wouldnt jump to any conclusions.... the entire scedev network is down.

    I'd say with their track record for pre E3 leaks a little paranoia and over cautiousness is is probably warranted.

      yeah i agree, but these links not working may very well be due to the scedev network being down

        Yeah you're probably spot on. I wasn't even aware downtime

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