Sounds Like Kingdom Hearts May Return To Home Consoles

Sounds Like Kingdom Hearts May Return To Home Consoles

Speaking with Game Informer Magazine, Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura said that while he’s always interested in making Kingdom Hearts games on new systems like the Vita, “It’s about time that Kingdom Hearts should go back to being on a console.”

The popular (and certainly unique) Disney-Meets-JRPGs franchise has been handheld-only since 2004 — it sure would be neat to see those games living large on an HD system.

“It’s about time” Kingdom Hearts returned to consoles, says Nomura [VG247]


  • Said Nomura, “I really need the graphical horsepower provided by home consoles to render all the belts and zippers I intend to cover my characters in”

  • Starts holding breath………..turns blue….
    Seriously is this before or after they release Final Fantasy 13 versus?Square-enix have only released one major game this Gen. and its almost over.Stuff like Star oceon, last remmnant and infinite undiscovery dont count as they were developed by others and just published by SE.And FF13-2 was just glorified DLC of levels they made for 13 but cut out.

    • Yeah I’m dying for a PAL release of Re:COM, and if they did HD versions of KH 1 and 2 with all the final mix content I’d probably weep tears of joy.

  • As much as i would love a KH3 now, when it comes out that might be the end :(. I prefer to play a few handheld ones till KH3 can go of with a bang

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