Sounds Like The Amalur Studio Is Having Money Troubles

Sounds Like The Amalur Studio Is Having Money Troubles

NBC News in Rhode Island is reporting that Curt Schilling’s Rhode Island-based game development house 38 Studios is meeting with Governor Lincoln Chafee to resolve resolve “issues” with the state.

This comes after the state of Rhode Island loaned 38 Studios $US75 Million to relocate from Massachusetts. According to the NBC report, if 38 defaults on the loan, it will leave Rhode Island taxpayers on the hook for the money.

38 Studios has only released one game, the fantasy RPG Kingdoms of Amalur earlier this year. It seems likely that Amalur‘s lackluster sales are responsible for any financial woes the studio may be facing.

Kotaku has contacted 38 Studios and will update if and when we hear back.

[NBC News]

(Hat-tip to John for the heads-up.)


  • Wait – I was under the impression Amalur was EA’s only real success in the last 12 months (ignoring BF3 due to its marketing blow out)?

    • Wait a minute – wasn’t the issue reported a few months back that 38 studios is saying it wasn’t a loan? In fact, I think a few companies are making the same claim about Massachussetts? Can we get an actual journalist onto this? I want to know more!

  • thats a damn shame. I was hoping that would be successful enough to justify a sequel, but seems not.
    Hope 38 can get through this intact though.

  • Anything under the EA Partners program generally sells poorly because EA don’t market them well enough, even though they tend to be the only good games attached to EA.

    I was under the impression that Amalur did pretty well though…

  • I was going to pick this up but my backlog…….

    plus werent they just going to make an MMO off of it anyway? I hate MMO’s

  • It was originally meant to be an MMO but they turned it into a single player game. Maybe they are looking at getting an MMO out as well.

  • I played it. Then half way through I found you could craft better equipment than you’d ever find from drops or chests and it got REALLY dull, fast.
    I continued to play it. Then I managed to craft the best shit possible and could one hit kill everything I came across. Which made the DLC incredibly boring with no real challenge.
    Then I uninstalled it. That was my best decision through out my entirety of owning it.

    • The trick is to play it on hard, and never put any skill points into blacksmithing. Crafting really does break this game. It takes all the fun out of the fancy loot.

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