Sounds Like We’re Getting A LEGO: Lord Of The Rings Game

Sounds Like We’re Getting A LEGO: Lord Of The Rings Game

MCV is reporting that they’ve found confirmation of a Lego: Lord of the Rings game in the brochure for the new LOTR toys.

The slipped-up posting from the European online retailer ShopTo, seen here via google cache, seems to back that up. The posted (presumably European) release date is October 26 — if accurate, that means that we’ll get to spend the latter part of this year guiding Frodo, Sam and the gang through a LEGO-fied version of Middle Earth.

The toys themselves are cute as heck, and I bet LEGO Golem will be just adorable.

Update: A reader has sent in this picture taken from a Toys ‘R Us, depicting the ad on the back of the LEGO Mines of Moria set. Seems to confirm that yep, we’re getting a LEGO LotR Game:


LEGO Lord of the Rings video game confirmed by new toy sets [MCV via Gamespot]


  • All over my face! 🙂 Will be awesome!

    Probably expect a game that covers both movies down the line also!

  • Cmon, do something a bit more out there with lego games! I wouldn’t mind seeing Lego Matrix or Lego Terminator! Or the ultimate….Lego Goonies:)

  • Could be cool. It’s solid gameplay and the parents of kids will snap it up.
    Obvious The Hobbit tie-ins aside, it’s a logical step for the Lego franchise.

  • Squee! Been hoping for this one for years now!
    …here’s hoping they do the whole combined Hobbit and LotR narrative like when Lego Pirates coincided with and included the fourth movie (though hopefully not a dodgy ‘Adventure Continues’ revision with The Hobbit being split to two movies).
    (also here’s hoping they finally do something about the kludgy collision detection on uneven ground that spoiled parts of HP and IJ)

  • I’ve been playing Lego Star Wars (the complete one) with my kid. Which of the other games are worth playing? Batman (he’s a huge superhero fan)?

    • Pretty much all of them, there is good value in the Harry Potter games, as well Pirates.

      Playing the Batman version now would be a good lead into the 2nd LEGO Batman game coming out in June also.

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