South Korea Set Ablaze With Fancy Diablo III Threads

At the Diablo III launch in Seoul, the country's most famous cosplayer collective, Spiral Cats, was on hand to help kick of the game's Korean release.

Spiral Cats donned Diablo III outfits and appeared at a stage show for the game. In the world of Korean cosplay, the group is about as big as they come, appearing at launch events like this and even promoting Microsoft's Kinect.

Spiral Cats has been cosplaying for years now. "I think it was all that experience that paid off," Tasha previously told Kotaku. "I believe that we can project our love for the character that we cosplay through our pictures. However, just because we love our characters and work doesn't necessarily result in pictures that everyone can appreciate. You must analyse and understand the character to be able to justify your own interpretation."

Check out the aforementioned Tasha as the Demon Hunter. It was her birthday, too, so happy birthday to her. Happy Diablo III release day to gamers around the world!

왕십리에 디아3 캐릭터가 나타났다! 스파이럴 캣츠의 코스프레 행사 [Inven Thanks, Sid!]


    where's all the photoshop touchups?

    Is it racist to say Asians are just much better than we are at cosplay?

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