Spending Quality Time With Two Metal Gear Solid Action Figures

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Metal Gear franchise, Square Enix and Konami have teamed up to release a bunch of figures based on the venerable stealth series. Today, we're taking a look at two of them.

I've got two figures on my kitchen bench with a camera in their face: Solid Snake and Cyborg Ninja.


Solid Snake: 2x spare hands, rifle, silenced pistol.

Cyborg Ninja: Spare hand, sword, rifle (replaces right arm).


Eye for Detail: The detail on these are a cut above the last few Square Enix figures I've seen. Whether that's due to improvements in their processes or just that these are more detailed character models, the result are figures that upon close inspection look more in line with their premium price.

Click-Clack: A big problem many Play Arts figures suffer from is the fact they can topple over. With heavy figures set on loose, small feet, physics are constantly working against them staying upright. These two featured something new: rather than "smooth" joints in the ankles, these have sturdy "click" joints, meaning they're easier to lock in place.

Cyborg Ninja: The metallic paint, tiny print and fake lighting effects are pretty damn special.


T-Rex: Snake has tiny little T-Rex arms, and tiny little T-Rex hands. It's not noticeable if you have him hold the rifle, but any other pose and he looks real strange.

Light on Accessories: The last few Play Arts figures have come with more stuff. More hands, more weapons, even extra faces and special effects. What you get with these guys is a little disappointing, especially since Snake in particular could have come with at least a packet of cigarettes, porno mag or a cardboard box.


Whether because of the character design or just because they're getting better at what they do, Play Arts has done a great job with these figures. A few of the regular complaints remain, like stupid knee joints, but on the whole there aren't many better ways a Metal Gear fan can show their love for the series than this.

Well, maybe one way, but that's another story for another day.

For the record, these babies will set you back around USD$60 each. They should be available now from your favourite comic book store or online retailer.


    I'm not seeing the "T-Rex" arms thing...

    Not sure if they're available but I'd prefer a 6-12 inch Metal Gear Rex on my desk. These are nice though.


      Although dunno on your chances of actually getting one :P

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