Starfox-Metroid Team-Up Rumoured For Wii U

Starfox-Metroid Team-Up Rumoured For Wii U

It reads like fan fiction and the rumour’s original reporter — who uncovered PlayStation All-Stars six months before it was announced — concedes that nothing about it is confirmed. But Retro Studios is said to be working on, or at least to have considered, Star Fox-Metroid Fusion Saga, a mashup of third-person action gameplay with aerial/space combat.

Paul Gale Network revealed Sony’s work on a Smash Bros.-esque fighting game back in November, which has since been confirmed along the lines it was originally described. But in that story, the publication had a mobile phone picture of a screen at the time. Paul Gale Network concedes it has no secondary proof of this concept and admits this may have been discarded long ago, back when Retro was pitching ideas and Nintendo was looking to send the studio a new project.

Kotaku reached out to a Nintendo of America representative this morning and was told that the company, per longstanding policy, does not comment on rumour or speculation.

The concept involves controlling both characters in their familiar gameplay environments, with moments of switched roles; Samus’ ship would be pilotable like Fox McCloud’s; McCloud would be a character in a third-person sequence. A very detailed description is at the link. If it’s on the level or bogus, I suppose we’ll find out at E3 in a couple of weeks.

RUMOUR: Is Retro Studios’ Wii U game “Star Fox — Metroid: Fusion Saga”? [Paul Gale Network]


  • Well out of all of Ninty’s universes those two would be the ones that would make the most sense to be combined.

    Though I think I’d prefer to see Retro either do a straight Starfox game or another Metroid game.


    But then I realised that Samus’ universe is THE UNIVERSE, as is Fox’s… So really, this is a crossover that I never would have considered but actually would work suprisingly well.

  • This makes me sad inside. And outside. I don’t think I could picture a worse combination of Nintendo universes, at least as they are now. The Star Fox team would have to under go an extensive re-imagining to fit in the Metroid universe, and Samus… actually I don’t think Samus would really fit in the Star Fox one at all no matter what you did, short of turning her into a fox or something. And we don’t need another Krystal situation on our hands.

    For the love of god this had better be just a stupid rumour.

  • Sounds like Chinese whispers to me, so one close to Retro told a friend they are working on a Starfox game, that person told someone else the Retro the makers of Metroid prime are making a Starfox game, 100 people later we get Metroid and Starfox in one game.

    Of course i could be totally wrong, in which case WTH Nintendo.

  • # Samus is on the ground fighting off numerous enemies who are closing in on her
    # Fox and Krystal hit the ground to help out, Fox armed with a rifle, Krystal with her staff
    # Captain Falcon runs in at high speed and punches a giant worm about to swallow the trio
    # Ness (now an adult) teleports in with a massive blast wiping out various bad guys in his path
    # Camera circles around the 5 heroes
    #Avengers Music Plays


  • The only thing good about this is Retro being behind the wheel. As for the bad, where do I start? Here’s what Nintendo should do—
    Starfox: Either continue the story of the original team or let Fox’s son from Command have a turn. They can either make it straight rail shooter style or make it a rail shooter with a Metal Gear/Halo RPG Element. The problem with the past SF Games is that one focused solely on RPG, one was mediocre in its attempt of branching out into the rail/RPG Style, and the last was just boring. The Wii U could become the greatest console for a Starfox Game. The tablet could become everything from a PDA to a vehicle steering mechanism (complete with auxiliary controls) to a weapon. Throw in the beefier graphics system and Starfox could become one of the best looking games out there. All developers need to do is actually try and make it work, not sit around and do a half hearted job.
    Metroid: Combine Other M and Metroid Primes storytelling without the mega dramatics. As for the gameplay, bring back the Wii style shooting from Prime 3 but let us get a 3rd Person perspective if we want. Also let us use her ship, that thing needs to do more than sit as a landmark. The Wii U again can be a great console for a Metroid Game. The tablet can serve as a weapons/visor selection system, map, etc. Again the developers need to put their hearts into it and not slack off.

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