Studio Start Up Tips From Nnooo

Studio Start Up Tips From Nnooo

I’m a big fan of Nnooo, not just because it was started by two Scottish people, but mostly because the studio makes good games and is a great representation of the new wave of independent developers making great games in this country. In this case study over at IndieBits, Nnooo gets into the nuts and bolts of its success — this is good stuff.

Start small, make something well polished and fun and then think bigger. The simplest project will have more than enough challenges for you to overcome and will help you build a foundation. Each project after that one can be a little bigger or do something slightly different and from that your foundation and technology grows.

The piece is part of IndieBits’ Case Studies series, which looks at other Indie success stories and ways you can apply different strategies to ensure your own success in a competitive market. Invaluable stuff if you’re considering starting up your own studio…

Case Study: Startup Lessons from Nnooo [IndieBits — Thanks Epona!]


  • “make something well polished and fun”

    You mean release 11 different “note taking” applications on DSIware? 😀

    Last time I checked writing barely legible notes out on my DS’s touch screen wasn’t really on my list of things that are fun. 😛

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