Suikoden Gets All Chop Choppy

From Suikoden II. Which I don't think I've ever actually played. Maybe I should, because this looks great. [via VGJunk]


    Yes you should play, (very cool dracula type church pipe organ music on that level btw) it was a direct sequel to the events of Suikoden 1 and another cool thing is that if you got all the stars of destiny to join your side (around 108 i think??) in the 1st game, your save file from 1 would allow you to get access to the main protagonist from 1 to join in the 2nd game at a certain point. Both Suikoden 1 and 2 were epic!

    Star Dragon Sword!!

    She was a fake. That's why her body falls entirely flat to the ground.

    The Dracula tryhard is called 'Neclord'.


    God tier pun.

    A GIF from a 14 year old game. Now that's what I call journalism.

    Suikoden II is my favorite RPG I've played so far. That being said... Luke just posted a GIF again... oh well. At least it reminded me that I should replay this game again soon.

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