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    Morning TAY. Yesterday I discovered that steak flavoured roadies shapes actually taste like steak. It was amazing. I also discovered that Archer is my new favourite show and that the Avengers movie apparently kicks ass. Anyway, what did you discover?


      Avengers is amazing. People who aren't fans of anything will enjoy it.

        Are you saying i'm not a fan of anything?

      Still disappointed I didn't get to slap Pez or Shiggy and accuse them of blowing us up.

        Next meat, you can just say hello to Pez and Shiggy by slapping them around for half an hour.

      Yes, i too hear about the avengers in a non-stop fashion!

      Also, ACTUALLY taste like steak!??! how is this even possible!?!? What wizardry is this?!!?

      I discovered that Terraria is indeed awesome. It's been sitting in my Steam library for months, but my lil cousin came around on the weekend and forced my to play it with him. I was amazed by how addicted I got to it. Great fun. :)

      I saw it last night. Was good, but not that good. Made wish I was watching another Iron Man movie actually because the other characters are pretty dull by comparison.


    When you guys say Lego, do you say "Lay-go" or "Le'-go"
    Similarly, when you say Sega, do you say "See-Ga" or "Say-ga"

    Bee's birthday was fantastics!!!!
    Although i did spend yesterday in zombie mode and went to bed before 9.30... so much stuffs the night before...

    Long story short, she was spoiled like crazy! She loved her key from Tiffany's and her PSP. Many other people also got her a large number of very expensive looking things that i know very little about, but smile and nod my head saying "that's pretty"...
    Also.. soooo many Babuska dolls!!! My god.. the house is now overflowing with the bloody things!!! If i wasn't already over them before, i sure as hell am now!
    Her cake was also a babuska, only the size of a freakin table!!! My god so much noms and it looked so fething cool!!!
    I'll have to share some photo's with you guys when we get them uploaded..

    On a semi-tay related note, my dad looked FETHING DAPPER AS FETH!!!!
    He has a mustache, full suit, with a vest and a gold pocket watch on a chain. I was so impressed with all his dapper.

    Afterwards i lost $10 on roulette!

      No one calls it Lay-go

        People from SA do quite frequently.
        In fact, Bee's dad does!

          They don't count.

            Soooo.. they're like the "redheads" of states, yeah?

      Lay-go? For serious? wtf? IT'S 'LEG-GO'.
      I always pronounced Sega 'SEEGAH', until the first Sega game I saw with the voiced 'SAY-GAH', but that seems to be how the Americans pronounce it. Not sure if the Japanese do the same, that would likely be the correct way.

        Yeah, i still say "see-gah" till this day, even though the games tell me otherwise. lol

        In Japanese SEGA would be pronounced Seh-Gah. See-Gah would be SIGA.

      Le'-Go an I used to say See-Ga until that opening quite literally says Say-Ga (or was it the other way around?)

      Lol Loops you love saying Feth(ing)(ed) etc.

        FETH YEAH!!!

        Also.. i beat a few of my older trials times yesterday, and saw the kinds of times you are posting now.. sweet sacred feth, there is no catching you now!

          Were you born with those skills, or was it mabeline?

            Maybe it's Mabeline! *jingle*

            I am amazing. But damn those Extreme tracks to hell... Inferno 3 makes me cry inside...

              how the hell do you get those times?!?!
              Is there some bike i haven't unlocked yet that propels itself like a Nyan cat across the courses?!

                The secret is the Scorpion! I used to use the Phoenix for everything but now I only use it for Hard and Extremes

      I say See-ga (even though they say it "Say-ga" in the games opening)

      I also say "Le-go" I heard someone call it "Lay-go" wanted to slap him in the face repeatedly.

        I don't care too much about that part of the pronunciation - it's the use of "LegoS" that makes my skin crawl. Say it right Frenchy. It's just "Lego"!!!!

      I say "Lay-go" and "See-ga". Maybe it is an SA thing. I'll never say “Le’-go”, NEVER!!! :P

        I TOLD YOU GUYS!!!

          We will not conform to the rest of Australia's ideals. :P

          And the Dutch. My Grandmother says Laygo. Holland is a heck of a lot closer to Denmark than Australia so she's probably correct.

          Never heard her pronounce Sega my money would be on Sayga.

          There you go, "scientific" proof!



      It's "Le' go". And the plural is of lego is lego. There is no such thing as "legos".

      It's "See-Ga", although really there should be less emphasis on the "ee" sound since the name comes from "Service Games" or "Service Gaming" or somesuch. "Seg-a"? Maybe?

    I thought Blerghman was Blaghman for a second. Then I remembered that if Blaghsie was awake at this time it would cause a tear in the very fabric of time thus destroying life as we know it.


    Morning everyone! How was everyone's weekend. I think I'm going to send a 9:00am kudo's nom to Mark. Me and Bish will drown the world in REVENGANCE CUPCAKES!!!!!




      Coming Fall, 2012.
      Revengeance has never tasted so sweet.


    Yesterday I built a bed. One of those tall ones with shelves and a desk underneath them. Today every part of my body hurts. :P

    Also we finally bought a new washing machine and it will be delivered on Tuesday so I'll have clean clothes finally. \o/
    But our vacuum cleaner is broken now. /o\

      Did you allens key it up in badass ikea fashion or did this one require actual tools?

        If it requires actual tools then it's not furniture!

        Both. I even hammered about 40 nails in without hurting my usually clumsy self. Mr. Strange was too busy playing Trials to help so missed out me being all sexy handywoman. :P

          You mean he missed a prime opportunity to make a joke about nailing something and wood?


            Learn to read. He was playing Trials. HE HAS HIS PRIORITIES ALL RIGHT. :P

    Fuck Mondays.

    RBT holding up peak hour (GOOD WORK GUYS, I FOR ONE WILL NOT STAND FOR THE EPIDEMIC OF DRUNK DRIVERS DRIVING TO WORK IN PEAK HOUR TRA- oh wait). Then mass traffic shenanigans and our mail doesn't work at the office for a second Monday in a row.

    Those are my morning grievances thus far.


      My shower was too hot this morning so when I stepped out into the 5 degree bathroom (forgot to turn on the heat lamp) it was rather cold.

      These are my morning grievances thus far.


    Last week my internet didn't work on my laptop during the lecture, it forced me to somewhat listen :(

    Hopefully it works this week so I can TAY :D

      I'm going to tear shit up at my lecture this afternoon.
      I am sooooo pissed about a paper we had to write and i will be taking it up with the lecturer today... I may even get booted out!

      Internet no workie :(, says some crap about an incorrect password even though it's right... Derp

    Awesome start to the morning. Slept in cus' I was exhausted from playing football - After one training run in the last two months, I ended up playing a full game of A grade. My muscles are refusing the move today - I feel like the tin man. I quickly slapped on some work clothes fresh off the clothes line and get to work, only to be informed that there is a giant shit-stain on the back of my shirt. And no - I didn't wear the shirt out on the piss, a magpie has decided that the clothes line would make a good perch. I wash it as best I can and proceed to get some breakfast as I had to skip it at home to make time. There is just enough milk for my cereal, but as I poured it over my weet-bix, my mood wasn't the only thing that had turned sour. To top things off, we are out of coffee.

    As Blerghman would say: Meh.

    So i had a pretty okay weekend, bought some stuff and saw the avengers had a good time in general, But Something happened that i am not proud of i may have flirted with a dude by accident.

    I went into EB games and i was talking to the checkout lady who asked me where i got my awesome pokemon shirt from anyway we get to chatting and i mentioned i was seeing the avengers. SHe mentioned how she wanted to go but she didn't have anyone to go with. I being the gentleman i am offered for her to come with me. She accepted and i befuddled started talking to my little sister. She said hello to the chick and i was like oh you two know each other, my little sister was like yeah we went to school together he is a friend of mine. Well i turned bright red and was like i asked this dude out to a movie oh god how do i reneg. My little sister burst out laughing when i told her. She told him what happened and how i am not gay. He still tagged along to the movie and he seemed like a nice guy, but that is the last time i assume people with long hair are women . /o\


      You mistook a guy for a girl?

        Yep, he was fairly femine looking and his voice was higher than mine. Usually that is a safe sign that they are female

      Oh Rocketman.

      Oh Rocketman... seriously???

      You should have gone to Specsavers...

        Im not blind, he was short with long hair and a high voice. Short women don't have big chesticles and he even spoke feminine. Like i said he was a good bloke just and he had a good laugh about it too and apologised for "leading me on" It was all fun and games

          Oh dear. For future reference Rockets, height has nothing to with chesticle size.

          That said, your story was so good I had to read it three times to make sure I wasn't imagining it. :D

      You've just put a big smile on my face, and it's monday morning. well done!


      Absolutely incredible.

      I just consumed sour, off milk for breakfast. But after reading your story, now I don't feel so bad. Thanks Rocket!

      Oh god Rocketman, I can't stop laughing

      Great story, classic Rocketman 10/10

      Awkwardness on that scale would haunt my dreams for months. Count yourself lucky that you can shrug it off so easily. :P

      This story is better every time I hear it.

      Oh rocketman!

    My PC doesn't want to turn on. Again.

    My Xbox doesn't want to connect to Xbox Live.

    Taking all bets on what gadgetry will break next.

      Coming soon: Trjn breaks TAY.

        Trjnmann007, reporting for duty!

      god i hope you don't have a chuloop-tech wang attachment....

    Hi all, hope your weekends were awesome (especially Meat folks!).

    Mine was pretty good. I've started a virtual book tour, which means that I get my name and book out there on different blogs, with author interviews and guest posts etc. If you're interested, I'm updating my followers on Twitter, and have also added a 'publicity' button to the top of my website: that contains all the necessary links. Coming soon: an interview conducted by Kotaku's own Blaghman!

    In other more gamey news, I have decided that Demon's Souls needs to be finished. Yesterday, I polished off 5-2, 5-3, and 1-3, and the Black Phantoms at the start of 1-4. Feel pretty good about finishing the game this week - it will be my proudest video game accomplishment ever, I think.

      I'm still stuck on that part where i need to fall down the mineshaft. I'm told a longer, less dead way around exists. So need to get back into that game.

      Is it worth finishing before i start Dark Souls?

        Yes, from the waystone, go left instead of right.
        Alternatively, you can fall down the mineshaft if you're careful - you can ALWAYS see the next ledge. If you can't see it, don't jump.


    Heh, so 9:09am and new TAY is already the second most commented on article :P

      So's my mum...

      Wait.. that's not right...

    So that trailer for Prometheus - just watched it, and i'm actually less excited for this movie now... the acting looks pretty rank....

    Am i the only one?

    Good morning everyone! Incoming wall of text.

    The Great 2012 Monomeat Writeup
    Starring: About 20 people who I can’t be bothered to list all at once
    Directed by: Pez, given how he seemed in charge of organizing us
    Released: April 28th, 2012
    Rated: D for Dapper
    Tagline: “Bish is ruining this meat” ~ Pez

    My personal travel woes:
    Okay seriously, everything is absolutely terrible in regards to getting into Town Hall. My train line is down for trackwork so I have to take a bus, which is hot and cramped and a kid brings his bike on which blocks everyone in and makes everything slower. I glare at him for so long he gets a nosebleed though, so I figure I just discovered psychic powers. Anyway my bus arrives at Wynard after an hour or so and I waltz on over to the Galleries, where I casually join the circle of half-dapper people and it takes them a few seconds to notice.

    In a counterclockwise circle I meet:
    Powalen, Nova, Morkai, #35, MAAAASSSSHHHHAAAAAA, Bish, Ruffleberg, and Flu. I think that’s right, anyway. Lots of handshaking is done. We stand around for a bit before Bish leaves to pick up Rize. He leaves his dapper hat though. We find a pamphlet and a bowtie inside it. People contemplate wearing his hat, but decide against it, because we haven’t seen him wear the hat yet, and if you wear someone else’s hat before they do, it becomes your hat. Apparently that’s a rule. A little after that Pez, Doc What and Hugo arrive, they look suited up. Pez is really short. Doc What seems really excited about possible 3DS streetpasses, but if he ever got any I didn’t see them. Except for his twin, yeah apparently he found his twin! Pez abuses Shiggy over the phone because he is late, but then he isn’t! He has an awesome belt buckle but I couldn’t look at it more than once or else it would look like I was staring at his crotch, so I stay silent about it. Moving on, we decide that a bunch of semi-dapper people standing outside both a gym and a monorail station is looking awkward, so we all buy passes for the monorail and...stand around in front of the station waiting for people. The ticket lady looks worried.

    Pez decides Bish is ruining the meat:
    There is more phone communicating as we wait for Bish to return with Rize, which takes like 40 minutes in the end. A bit before they arrive, Harli shows up! Freyr was apparently getting lunch so we decide to hop on the monorail at this point – we have been standing around for about an hour. The first monorail shows up, and it’s packed full of people. Everyone is confused, because we all thought nobody ever used this thing. We opt to wait for an emptier one, which fortunately comes pretty quickly. We have to split up, though – Pez, Shiggy, Harli, Doc What, Morkai, Nova and I hop into the back compartment, hereafter named AWESOMECARRIAGE. Flu sits alone in the adjacent carriage. Except not really alone, there’s loads of random people in there who are probably confused by his dapperness. He joins us in the AWESOMECARRIAGE two stops later.

    The Monorail is really slow:
    But Shiggy and I are still convinced we’re gonna die. This seems confirmed when it randomly stops in the middle of the track for a while, but then it keeps going. Despite its speed (‘this thing can go as fast as 40!’ ~ Someone), the trip is really bumpy/shaky. There are jokes that we should play corners, but genuine concern over potentially toppling the carriage persuade us otherwise. Our enthusiasm scares the people around us, and most filter out except for a young couple who seem to wish they would arrive at their stop already. Some photos are taken. Pez makes awkward comments and gets stared at several times by the young couple. They leave pretty soon after that. We make a full circuit and discover that all the other people in other carriages have decided to get off. ‘Stuff that’, says the AWESOMECARRIAGE, ‘We’re going again!’ And so we go around again. Thank goodness Flu decided to join us earlier, we needed his dapper vest with us for round two. We death glare anyone who looks to hop into our carriage, they all move away pretty quickly. Everyone discovers I’m recording things in a notebook for this writeup. Also, I feel like the conductor is judging us, the station announcements sound really angry, but they may be automated, in which case, I wonder why they recorded them to sound so angry. At the end of round 2, Freyr joins the party! Party gains +1 corset ability. Bish stands in the background with a cupcake. It looks pretty awesome. We go for round 3! Shiggy times the circuit, 16 and a half minutes! Harli is getting really hungry so we decide to get off and join the others for lunch.

    Seating 16 people at Ichiban was gonna take half an hour, so despite Harli and Pez giggling over our number being 69 we decide to go to Wagamama instead, where we just manage to fit everyone onto one long table. I am stingy and cheap and only order a side dish. So does Hugo, but I don’t know if he’s stingy or cheap. Bish spills some of his tea? Pez is the master of saying awkward things whenever the waitress gets close. I sit at the end of the table and listen to Pez and Shiggy bicker with each other, but it isn’t as passionate as their Twitter fights. A lot of money travels down the table. Pez and Bish yell at each other from opposite ends a few times. The phrase “speak taller” is used multiple times. Pez decides it’s time for people to dump stuff in their hotel room, so the party splits up again! Half go...I dunno...while the other half get BACK ON THE MONORAIL, BABY.

    “I think that’s a bomb” ~ Flu:
    This is said in a crowded monorail carriage. I hope nobody else heard it. It’s really cramped on the monorail. Seriously, they’re gonna tear this down...why? Two stops later, we encounter Bish, but he has a CANE. CANE BISH. Others get back on the monorail, but in different carriages. This allows for an epic battle: FLU and PANTS vs SHIGGY and DOC WHAT; THE STARING CONTEST. Flu and Pants win because Shiggy and Doc keep looking away. This may be because they don’t know this is a contest. When we get off in front of Market City, the group splits up again, this time so that some of the people can go to the hotel for reals! I dunno what they did next, but we did this:

    Market City!:
    We go into the markets because Harli and Freyr want to dapper up some more by buying cool hats. But they take too long and some of us are impatient, so we slowly head up to Galaxy World. They catch up to us pretty quickly, actually. I wave and scream “HI!” at them on an escalator and everyone else gives me weird looks because they can’t see anyone else. I am not crazy, I swear. We go into Galaxy World and I stare at the bumper cars and suddenly I’m ten years old again. While we wait for other people to show up a few games of Animal Kaiser are played. Powalen is slaughtered by ramen that falls from an egg in the sky.

    Bursting into a kid’s birthday party:
    Suddenly we notice Harli, Freyr and Flu have vanished, but we find them on the bottom level in some seats behind a birthday party. When we join them they appear to be having hat contests. Freyr and Flu battle it out for best hat trick. Flu wins, Morkai photographs the event and vows to make it a gif someday. The table we sit at has a ‘RESERVED FOR PARTY’ sign on it, but screw that, we’re dapper! A bunch of kids play pass the parcel on the floor in the corner. We start feeling bad for taking the seats, but then decide that the game is best played on the floor anyway, so whatevs. Eventually, the party (TAYbies, not the birthday group) reunite, only now we have Ben! He says he was dressed like a hobo, but he has a cool hat, too! Also he kept talking about Pizza Hut.

    Everyone buys/recharges their Galaxy World cards so that even more fun can be had! We get photo passes but we never use them. Or maybe they were used after I left. Either way, sadface.
    ROUND ONE: I have no idea what game we played, but the whole thing ends in a tie, which I think is pretty impressive because Ruffleberg knew what he was doing and I didn’t!
    MEANWHILE: Freyr is fake-mad at Bish because he bought her a cupcake and then ate it when she joined the AWESOMECARRIAGE earlier. Bish goes off in search of cupcakes and comes back with some for himself, Harli and Freyr. I am jealous.
    INTERLUDE: Some people have a go at the HAMMER KING game. I think Nova sets the best score in the end. Ben worries he’s going to do something embarrassing like hitting himself in the head with the hammer. People reassure him so he gives it a try, only to struggle to get the hammer out of its holding thingy.
    ROUND TWO: Air hockey! I prove I have hopeless reflexes and fail miserably. Ruffleberg wins!

    I am so excited for the bumper cars. People have been warning me all day that they’re rougher than any other bumper cars I’ve ever ridden. They are oh so very right. As the lights dim and a horrible pop song plays over the speakers I have a head-on collision with Doc What and nearly fly out of my seat. The only people in the cars are TAYbies so we can be as mean as we like to anyone we want. It is chaotic beauty. Just before the end Pez smashes into me and my knee smacks into my steering wheel. It is now a really pretty bruise. Pez says it’s an initiation into the way of the bumper cars.
    Some other games happen, but then people get on the bumper cars again. Not everyone, though, the rest of us stand on the sidelines and watch. Harli spins out two kids in a corner and cackles maniacally as she drives off (she may not have been cackling, but that sounds so much cooler). Then Shiggy completely destroys those same kids for the rest of the run (he may not have destroyed them, but that sounds cooler than just picking on them a bit). Also, #35 finds great amusement in two little girls who bash their heads together on collision at one point (he does find great amusement in this, and it sounds way cool). We are a sadistic bunch.

    This has gone on for too long:
    As Ruffleberg goes to find Batgirl, who apparently doesn’t know where George street is, and people begin making dinner plans, I realize I have to leave as I have a family dinner to attend. Sadface. I high five Harli, but everyone else is fake-offended (I hope it’s fake) I wouldn’t shake hands with them so I just stare at them awkwardly and laugh for a few seconds before walking off.

    And now, the 2012 Monomeat Awards!
    Most Disappointing Food: My ridiculously expensive satay chicken at Wagamama. I’m sure Hugo agrees with me here. Ten bucks for three little skewers. Ripoff! Delicious, but a ripoff!
    Best New Cult: The Children of the Rocket.
    Best Looking Cupcake: Freyr was standing next to me while she ate hers and it looked pretty good, so it wins. (this is a lazy award. I just like cupcakes)
    Best Hat Flip: Flu.
    Apology Award for Not Knowing Who You Were For the Longest Time: NovaCascade. You probably introduced yourself when we first met but processing eight/nine names at once was too much for my small brain and I completely forgot. I assumed you were Nova, but I didn’t want to ask without sounding rude! Please forgive me!
    Most Dapper: Bish (with cane, not to be confused with Bish [no cane]).
    Cutest Couple: Pez and Shiggy.
    Most Awkward Moment: There were too many. Notable mentions include;
    - “Pizza Hut is for inbreds” Pez, to the scared couple on the monorail
    - “I just barely managed to fit my junk in” Pez, referring to his pants in the presence of the scared Wagamama waitress
    - “Where’s my sake?!” Shiggy, demanding Pez’s sake right as the scared waitress was bringing it to him
    - “I think that’s a bomb. It’s ticking and there’s numbers and everything.” Flu, to a carriage of scared monorail commuters, which included children
    - Pez standing on the bench outside Galaxy World and people bowing in prayer as he discusses dinner plans with us, scaring the people sitting on adjacent benches
    Pez is clearly the winner because he is referenced in most of these nominations!

    On a fully serious note, I had an absolutely fantastic day and it was a pleasure to meet everyone. You’re all really friendly people and I felt comfortable around everyone so quickly, it was amazing. There were about twenty people, though, which meant I didn’t get many chances to talk to a lot of people, so we’ll have to hope for next time! Thanks for making my weekend so memorable.

      I didn't get many photos, but here's a whole bunch of us in the awesome carriage.

        And a few of us at Wagamama. (Bad angle photo)

          And Nova and Powalen playing that basketball game!


      “Pizza Hut is for inbreds” Pez, to the scared couple on the monorail

      i just choked on my breakfast, haahah!!

      Awesome writeup, thanks AlexPants :D

      Nice write up and yes I do agree, 10 bucks for what looked like rat tails wrapped around some toothpicks, *OLD MAN RAGE*, I'll take inbreed pizza hut over that place any day.

    I was playing ME2 last night some more and realised how frustrating the combat mechanics really are, especially in terms of ability usage and when you use one, all abilities go on the same CD. Why do I have to wait for my Barrier ability to come off CD to change my ammo type, or to use medi-gel to bring back allies? It's gotten me killed so many times already :( quite ridiculous

    MokoTAYbikeu - Season 1 Week 1

    Hey guys and thanks for participating in this weeks track. I know I picked a tough track but I just wanted to give everyone an idea about how the competition worked and to have a goal to work toward. Sughly did the unimaginable (hehe) by beating the one and only FatShady so he is going to be the guy to beat this week!

    Remember, this is not about who comes first, but about being able to identify others within the same community that are at a similar level and trying to beat them.

    Here are the scores. Format (Name, Faults, Time)
    Sughly - 0, 6:42.586
    Fatshady - 0, 6:44.344
    Lamboman - 0, 7:07.769
    Dzc12 - 0, 7:25.977
    Haganegir - 0, 7:30.157
    Shiggy (bacon boy) - 1, 7:43.770
    Blaghman - 2, 7:28.066
    Batguy - 2, 7:40.574
    Greenius - 2, 7:44.495
    Jo - 2, 7:54.516 - Please send a friend request to mokotaybikeu on XBL
    Pez - 2, 8:01.925
    Blood Apathy - 3, 8:06.960 - Please send a friend request to mokotaybikeu on XBL
    Ethranton - 3, 8:35.673
    Junglist - 3, 8:39.945
    syvraen - 4, 8:02.538
    Swift Robit - 6, 9:18.367
    McGarnical - 11, 9:43.282
    Rize - 16, 11:44.182 - Please send a friend request to mokotaybikeu on XBL
    Ben - 21, 12:08.504 - Please send a friend request to mokotaybikeu on XBL
    Doomharbringer - 26, 14:04.184
    Trjn - 31, 16:19.026 - Please send a friend request to mokotaybikeu on XBL
    Serrels - 32, 14:34.659 - Please send a friend request to mokotaybikeu on XBL
    Raygunbrown - 36, 16:22.508
    Thelastquestion - 58, 19:05.416

    To anyone else I missed, please also send a friend request to "mokotaybikeu" on XBL to be included in next weeks comp.

    The track for this week is Beach Head. It is an easy track but is very hard to get a good time. Good luck!

      Hey Pez,

      I still beat you.


      P.S. My doodle is bigger than yours.

        definately going to have to lift my game

      XBL is being a pain in the rectal cavity. I don't think I'll be able to send that friends request or try and get much Trials done until I solve this little conundrum.

      Oh yeah, will do. Got totally distracted from Trials.

    Cabin In The Woods gave me movierection.

    See it in a cinema by any means.

    Or you know, don't. But you'll be sorry.

      You know it's not coming out in cinemas in Australia, right?
      Straight-to-DVD madness!

        Yeah, but I saw it at a festival last night.

        It'll be screened somewhere else, just not in wide release.

          Didn't the distributors say they weren't doing any theatrical release here?

          Those dicks.

            Yeah, but I saw Grindhouse when it didn't get a theatrical release.

            Indie/Art House cinemas usually get their hands on a print.

            Just keep an eye out.

      I saw it at the movies in a great little place called uTorrent *taps nose twice*

        Wait, i guess that turned out a little less subtle than i had wanted. The point is, I torrented it.

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