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    Anyone got any toothpicks I can prop my eyes open with? It's kind of difficult to keep an eye on a rambunctious 3 year old when your eyelids keep keep drooping closed.

      That seems a little dangerous i can offer my srvices as a professional scarer. I will jump out from behind things all day to keep you on your toes.

        until her reflexes lay you out :P

          Oh god i dont wont to be hit by strange, that would make two ladies on TAY who could beat me to a pulp.

          He'll be okay, I have old lady reflexes, not to mention old lady strength (or lack thereof).

            But... you're metal...

              Agreed, you are rough and tumble in a gangsta way yo. You used to have a shave head. People with shaved heads are automatically tough.

                I've shaved my head a couple of times (not fully though) SO IMMA TOUGH GUY THEN? Watch out erryone, I'm tough!

                  except greenius, even though i don't know what you look like. I am assuming you look identical to lambos body shape. Because thats the kind of person i am. I make gross assumption based on no information.

        If this caffeine doesn't work, you're hired!

      I read that as "pop my eyes open with"

      I was thinking, for a moment, "Wow, TAY has an all new level of disturbing for a monday morning"

        And now all I can see is an image from some movie where a guy got his eyes popped out of their sockets.

          Farscape riffing on Clockwork Orange? :)

    Skrillex is not good sleeping music. I now know this thanks to my neighbours who decided to play their music really loud all night. Ok, so our neighbour's house is like 200m away from ours, but at 200m there is still such a thing as too loud and, well, they were louder than it...
    Morning everyone.

      Depends what song, I listen to skrillex when i sleep. You just need something more mellow like "long drive" or" Summit"


    That is all.

      PEZTICLES Do you have a case of the mondays cause i can fix that, Give me a second to gather a sledgehammer, a cordless drill a box of tissues and some water based lubricant . MWAHAHAHA

        you forgot the lemon to squeeze into open wounds!

          I am hoping i won't have to make any open wounds.

            how will you fill people with the energy of life that only comes from impending doom and suffering, then?

              Sticking things in his butt?


                  Greenius sorry for jumping into your love in with your lady friend. I just wanted to play diablo and i didn't really feel like playing by myself.

                  no.. no... Rocketman makes an excellent point?

    Good morning guys,

    As I said last night I'm not at work today but rather at a training thing.

    But GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I have a computer with internet access. But I probably still won't get much time to hang out on TAY. So, have an awesome day everyone! I will "attempt" to catch up at lunch/tonight.

    Hope you all had super rad awesome weekends as well.


        I read that as cakey wanky. I was like that is a bit rude loops, cakeman is a cool guy. Then i realised i can't read.


    Morning all, hope you all had a top weekend.
    Mine was a quiet one thankfully, I needed a weekend off haha. I spent some time tooling around with Construct Classic tutorials (an interesting process when half the tuts do not work) and I started practicing a but with SFxT, I'm thinking of maining a King/Akuma team.

    I started playing War For Cybertron, is good fun but the gameplay feels a tad sloppy. Like a less-solid Space Marine, but hey it's Transformers so I can't complain too much.

    Also I downloaded Tribes Ascend to try out, only got one or two matches in but I am really enjoying it so far, I got the hang of skiing and even got one flag assist and one capture. Man the game is fun, but then you pick the flag up and that music kicks in, all of a sudden your legs are made of GOES FAST.

    Oh and I played a little Diablo on my PSP while on the train, finally beat the Butcher after several attempts to beat him. No more fresh meat for that prick ;)

      Unfortunately, Space Marine ruins many games for people. It's just that good.

      This is why i'm thankful i played Transformers before SM came out. You are right, though - the combat can be really sloppy and repetitive at times - but head shots on robots is also a thing of beauty. All up, even with its shortcomings, i think it was a pretty great game.. i mean.. Transformer... Freakin TRANSFORMERS!
      Also, what that team did for the aesthetics of each transformer individually was beautiful.

        Damn that footage looks good.
        I didn't buy it as I didn't think it was worth it as Relic never fixed the local search option :(

      so the butcher has been in a more diablo games?

      as soon as i saw him in 3 i just went, "OH MY GOD ITS PUDGE!!!"

        The demon hunter is like vayne in LoL. I also play my wizard like Princess Azula in Avatar. I just use lighting bolts. and fire attacks.

          Hell I even named my Wizard Azula, such fun.

    Tera > diablo 3 this weekend.

      Are you saying its better than or you played more of it than.?

        I think they mean they played more :P

        For me it was Diablo 3 > Everything else

    Morning Friends!!!!! \o/!!!!!!11!!!2!

    How goes everyone? I had a pretty cool weekend filled with lots of clicking. I beat D3 and have started on Nightmare (or whatever it's called) mode. I also started a co-op with Blaghsie and Inquisitorz. I must have offended Blaghsie because he just randomly logged off of TeamSpeak and D3. I'm pretty good at making people mad at me. What can I say, it's a gift.

      I want someones girl dododododo
      Wow you have nearly as many memes as i do. :)

        I'll show myself out.

          okay i promise i wont sing that song ever again. Until we meet in person. Then i will do it every 4 seconds.


        I'm SORRY BISH!

        IM SORRRRR..

        *User has left channel*

        *NoobHeadshot has moved to "Nob's destroyer of lifes room"*

    Hi everyone. I had a game-free weekend, except for the five minutes I spent with Too Human before it annoyed me. Oddly, it wasn't the gameplay (though that was kind of a weird control setup): it was that I turned on the subtitles (as I had to play without sound due to sleeping child), but found that only about 1/3 of the dialogue was subtitled. So I had absolutely no idea what was going on at all...

    On the plus side, I did stacks of work on my latest graphic novel \o/

    Hope your weekends were excellent!

      Dear Shane,


      Kind Regards,

        Dear Bish,


        Hope your weekend was satisfactory.

        Kind regards,

      Too Human is such an interesting experience. There's so much wrong with that game, but it can be so enjoying and satisfying in the right circumstances. I found it to be most enjoyable when you had someone to co-op with. Me and a friend played the crap out of that game for a couple of months a couple of years back.

      It gets the whole levelling/gear cravings Diablo invokes.

      That being said, if people gave up on it, I never blamed them. For me it was just one of the games that I knew I should have hated, but for some inexplicable reason it entertained the shit out of me.

        'so enjoying'.

        Morning 'Nef, finish your sugar laden energy drink and come back to us when your brain is activated.

        I loved that game. I think its main problem (aside from its creator not being able to keep his damned mouth shut :P ) was that Baldur's appearance was weak. As in his face was a weak-looking face. He looked like an NPC not like the character he really was. He didn't look like someone you wanted to be.
        I was a big fan of the control system as well. It was new and for me, it was intuitive. I was really mad at all the reviews that complained about it not being the control scheme they were used to. They say they want innovation, but when they get it, they just complain that it's not the same.

          I will probably play it if I can get some daytime gametime in. Elsewise, not having subtitles is a dealbreaker :P

            I always play with subtitles for similar reasons to you, and I don't recall there being a problem with mine. I wonder what's wrong with your copy?

              Not sure it's a problem, just a design choice not to subtitle the in-game dialogue - only (most of) the cutscene dialogue.

          Also, from the opening cinematic, I thought I was going to be playing that scared grunt. Was a surprise when I got blue-scarface guy

    did you watch Tron Uprising, i was pleasantly impressed, in one episode they managed to rectify the shit which was the movie. Although i don't know if daft punk are doing the music for the show which would make me a little sad. Anyway its pretty great.

      Yep, I've seen it. :D
      I'm pretty sure Daft Punk didn't do the music, but most of the music in that first episode sounded like slight variations of tracks from Legacy, except for one new song near the end, so that's not too bad.
      If they make a Tron 3 eventually, I hope they get the writers from Uprising to write it.

      I've been wondering whether or not that series was worth watching, it reminds me of the cartoon style batman does. Tron has always been one of my favourites, sure Legacy wasn't that great but bloody hell did it look gorgeous.

        Its definetly worth a watch if you are a fan of Tron.

    I spent most of my weekend doing an Essay for uni /o\

    I did get to take a few breaks though, in which i played Motorstorm RC on my Vita, which is all sorts of brilliant.
    Also took bee out for a late night movie - we saw the 5 year engagement, which was pretty bloody funny. It was a little chick-flicky at parts, but it was mostly stupid funny.

      Jason Segel is pretty funny in whichever movies he is in. So you chose well my friend.

        indeed - he makes even bad movies brilliant by only the virtue f his bare ass cheeks

          I think i have seen way to much of his arse literally every movie he is in except the muppet movie.

      motorstorm RC is a great little game, well worth the 10 or so dollars i paid for it, reminds me of micro machines

    Instead of playing games I read The Walking Dead. Dopesauce.

    Weekend consisted of Diablo 3 and DayZ. Finished Diablo 3 on normal, and I have to say I was fairly happy with it overall. People saying 10 hours to finish it are crazy and/or stupid. They must have run through it without doing any of the side quests/events or exploring. I did a fair amount of exploration, nothing exhaustive, but had a good look, and my campaign time was probably somewhere around 20 hours. Also, the final boss was quite well done, considering the constraints of Diablo being a point and click job - was really tense!

    Started again on Nightmare, and managed to kill the Skeleton King. I forgot how long Act 1 was! The challenge has been ramped up significantly, and it's a lot more satisfying getting things done. Looking forward to getting more done in coming weeks.

    Rest of the weekend was spent running DayZ with a mate, and catching up on Game of Thrones. I'm finally up to speed, and now I'm sad because I don't have a backlog of episodes to watch. (I was late to the GoT party) What an amazing show, seriously.

    Now it's Monday, I'm at work, I'm dreaming of Diablo, zombies and GoT. Also still haven't completely beaten this cold that kicked the shit out of me last week. Wish it'd just hurry up and go away.

      On the plus side new episode of Game of thrones comes out today :)

        Yes! I finished S2E7 at about midnight last night. *fidgets*

          haha well it realeases at about 1.00pm our time usually i find.

    Mornin' TAY!

    Has anyone else had an issue with Diablo 3 achievements either not unlocking or not notifying? I've missed some achievements I know I've done, and when I finished Act II it gave me no notice of achievements (even though I got 3).

      I hear Bunny has.

        That one achievement, we have done that place about 5 times and he still cant get that one achievement.

      I didn't get the Act II one either. I was a little concerned, but then realised I'll be playing it through again on higher difficulties, so I guess it doesn't matter. Hope it gets fixed soon.

        Good that I'm not alone, bad that other people have to deal with it.

    Morning everyone!
    Barry Gibbs died this morning. Mum is saddened by that. =(
    I have run out of wool and I can't finish this row until tomorrow. It may annoy me.
    I'm thinking I will work on Rupee cushions today \o/

      Rupee cushions :D
      Man you should come to my house my grandmother literally has a cupboard full of unused wool and crochet cotton in every colour and size imaginable. She is such a hoarder.

        It's normal for craft people to do that. I hoard it as well.
        But luckily because I have kept scrap material, I can decide which gold fabric paint I prefer. There is 3 different variations @[email protected]

          I would choose the one that looks the least like the colour of baby poo. But that is just my advice.

            They're all metallic, so it doesn't look like baby poo =P

              Unless your baby has been eating stuff it shouldn't be like metal shavings. WHy would you feed the baby metal shavings scree WHY?

              BTW being sarcastic don't say sorry, it was a joke.

      I saw that news re: Robin Gibb. I am sad :(

      I saw his last concert in Australia in 2010. It was a hassle to get to, but now I'm so glad I got to go. It was a truly great show.

      #LifelongBeeGeesFan #PleaseDontTeaseMe #HarliHashtag

        I like the Bees Gees as well, why would I tease you?
        If only I'd known about the 2010 Concert, Mum could've gone =(

          Because I bought a program and framed it with my ticket :P

        The beegees were cool man, well at least i think they were.

          I hoped he'd be stayin' alive. I missed the 2010 show. It's sad, especially that they died so young.

    Thinking back my weekend was full of comedy.
    1. I downloaded and watched season 3 of the Ricky Gervais animated show. Karl pilkington is hilarious as usual
    2. Watched Episodes. Really funny.
    3. Got Shadows of the damned. I'm still playing through it but Johnson is hilarious-his one liners and dick jokes always put a smile on my face as I explore the world. Also, checkpoints are activated by walking near a flying 'helmet' called one-eyed Willy which drops a flaming turd as it flies away. Oh Suda.

      Shadows of the Damned is possibly one of my favorite games i have played in the last year - it just keeps getting funnier and more twisted as you progress

      Shadows was a really hard to judge game for me. I found the characters, art design and music really well done, but the gameplay just got boring really quickly.

        although i haven't played Shadows yet ( i really need to) that sounds like most of Suda's games, no more heroes was basically a button masher (I PLAYED IT ON PS3, SO I INDEED MASHED BUTTTONS) but what made me play it was it's charming characters (who cut off peoples heads while calling them "fuck heads")


        The gameplay does take a while to get used to.

    Man my laptop is like all metally or something and it's really cold... I also forgot to charge it so it might due during this lecture...

    First world problems bro.

      I hate it when I forget to charge something =(

    Ah, there's nothing like the sound of construction work at quarter to seven in the morning to signal the start of another lousy week.

    All I wanna do right now is go across the road and hurl obscenities at these people. They've never had any bloody consideration for other people. I cannot wait until they're done.

    Uh..weekend...not much happened. Read more of A Feast for Crows, played a fair amount of MInecraft. It's all gooood.

      Dont be so angry i had to get up at 6 this morning and we had no hot water because the pilot light was out. i had a cold shower at 6 in the morning. I have been wide awake since then :P

        But I like sleeping. D: And when things interrupt my sleep I get grumpy. D: I start stressing out because I'm not sleeping but I need to be sleeping, which just makes it harder to get back to sleep and argh.

        I even think it's worse than a 6am cold shower! :p

          I do the same mr PANTS, i am paranoid that i am not getting enough sleep so i go to bed earlier to get more sleep and then i still can't sleep and i AM LIKE WHYYYY?


        Is this why you're so chirpy this morning?
        Don't get me wrong, I like it when you're chirpy. It's contagious. You know, in a good way.

          Like Herpes, actually i am chirpy cause work is very bearable.One of the guys who bullies me a lot got threatened with termination.

            I so just read 'termination' in Arnie's voice. Good to hear!

        Are you asking him not to be angry at you because you had to get up at 6am to start work at 7am across the road from he without pants?

    Just wondering, does anyone know the best place to buy kitchen cabinets?
    I looked at Bunnings but their cabinets are really expensive and as everyone on teamspeak heard, they have no doors. The doors are extra. -_-

      Ikea does kitchen cabinets.

        Although the best place would be somewhere that makes kitchens. Like Kitchen Connection or somesuch.

          Ikea is a little too far away for us, but I'll have a look online.
          I don't think we have a kitchen connection anywhere near us

    My son: "This movie is too scary"
    Me: "Do you want me to turn it off?"
    Him: (with wide eyes glued to the screen) "No!"

    Oh! And I forgot to tell you husband won us free tickets to see Safe!

      You are joking aren't you, like there is no way that that statement isn't a joke, i mean the movie will be 5 stars and the stath at his best but really. That is amazing :P

        We're going to see it on Wednesday night....

          Oh you, please give us a review because i don't think anybody else is going to see it :P

          A review would be cool.
          Also, I remember being like your son when I was younger. I would be so scared of a TV/movie but I couldn't keep my eyes from the screen. Then I would end up sleeping with my mum because I was too scared to sleep alone.

            Yeah, for a while there he wanted to watch 'Zathura' all day, every day but he was waking up scared in the middle of the night so I had to make a rule of no scary movies after lunchtime. Seems to be working. All his favourite movies are ones he considers scary though. 'Zathura', 'Monsters Inc', 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth'. He's currently watching 'Dragon Hunters' which he hasn't seen for a while. I have a feeling it will soon become his new favourite.

    Weekend... New update got pushed out to my tablet, didn't fix problems. Started downloading things to flash it with a custom ROM, then said stuff it, and played minecraft.

      Just in case someone hasn't said so recently... THANK YOU CAKESMITH FOR SERVING OUR MINECRAFT NEEDS.


      Legend of Korra is coming along nicely, the wife and I watch it every Sunday afternoon ;)

      I really hope they do a flashback episode and show a mature Aang, Kitara, Sokka and Toph around the time of "big fight". They've shown small sections of it when Korra blacked out, and Aang looked badass! I'm also keen to see Korra enter the avatar-state, I thought it was going to happen in the last episode when things were looking pretty dire.

      Such an awesome series, I've been able to convert a few of my mates but when I tell them its a nickelodean cartoon, they normally stop listening ;) Ah well, their loss!

        Yeah i don't think korra is connected to the spirit world as much as aang was and the avatar state taps into the powers of the spirits so until she enters the spirit world i don't think she will. I have also been craving a flashback episode.

      I haven't watched 7 yet, no spoilers I hope

      I completely forgot about last weeks Legend of Korra /o\

      I'm a horrible person.

      As much as I enjoy all of the story, the fight scenes make it for me. I have lost track of how many times I watched the avatar versus the fire lord.

    Good morning people! Hope you're weekends were acceptable at the very least. Mine consisted of cleaning, finishing off Silent Hill HD collection (which is super glitchy and super slow at times on the ps3) & being happy I found a copy of Jungle Strike for the Mega Drive at GameTraders. Giddy Up!!

      I hope your weekend was fair and just, StuMan!

        Always, Bish, always. :)
        Saturday night my sister, her boyfriend and I got a party pizza from our local pizza joint. We asked for a Mexian pizza, but ended up with a meat pizza instead. We called up and they apologised & said they would make us a new pizza. We asked if they wanted the meat pizza back, but let us keep it. So 2 family pizzas for the price of 1. I believe that was fair & just. :D

    Good morning, TAY! :D

    I had the laziest weekend of all time. Stayed in bed (awake :P) until about midday on both saturday and sunday. Played vidja gaems (mostly TF2. I had an epic round as a kritzkrieg medic) and watched Black Swan for the second time.

    Now I have to catch up on all the Uni work I should have been doing. :P

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