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    Yo, peeps! I hope your weekends were fair & just. :)

      What if they were just fair? Is that technically the same?

      Mine was decent - mainly all birthday stuff as may is the month of family birthdays for me (at least one every week!)
      This weekend was my mum and step dad's.
      Tonight is my partners little brother (WE GOT HIM LEGO BECAUSE WE ARE AWESOME!)

      How was your weekend, good sire?

        Every kid needs Lego

          I am a firm believer that the same is true for adults, as well.

            Or, go to IKEA. That's LEGO for adults!

              Correction, LEGO is LEGO for adults.

              Ikea is for those who want their furniture to be just as fun!

        I'm going to say just fair is technically the same thing. I love Lego, so many great times. My weekend consisted family stuff and bit of work and playing a decent amount of Sniper Elite V2, it's a pretty fun game. Playing it Co-op is awesome. Picked up the Steam key from G2Play for roughly $38, so I feel I've got my money's worth already.


    I am tired today, but i have to make sure i wake myself up before 1.30pm today, as i have a meeting with the Deputy Academic Coordinator AND the Campus Director of my uni today in regards to last weeks happenings...
    Ohh mannn the pressure is on!

      Good luck, man. Hope everything goes your way!

      Hey man good luck, get that D or HD you deserve :D

      Nothing hurts more than a shitly marked assignment/test especially when it ruins your D average :(

        every time I read D average, makes me think of the old Ds and sounds terrible...just sayin'

    My tummy hurts.

    Somebody fix plz.

      Sounds like you need a black man!

        uh... wat?

          It's something the Greeks i used to work with used to say to me any time i felt unwell or tired.
          I'd complain and they say "Sounds like you need a black man - they can fix ANYTHING!"
          Just passing down the knowledge

          I think it was a butt-sex joke.

            lol @ "Greeks..."

            Made me think of all my Greek buds from high school. Greeks are funny

    Last week was insane work-wise, thus my absence on TAY. Sorry about that, I'm gonna cringe when I see last week's TABTOL. Hopefully this week is a little more sane.

    Anyway, I had a great weekend. Spent saturday tooling around with my now TV-connected pc designed for arcade emulation, I got Killer Instinct arcade version working on it which was quite tricky but worth it (I get such a kick at the 'coming to your home in 1995 to the ULTRA64!' promo), and I also installed windows on my mac which was a surprisingly painless process.

    Then saturday night I went to my girlfriend's workmate's birthday which was cool but reminded me of the giant lizards scene from Fear and Loathing. Good fun though, and surprisingly many free drinks so YAY!

    I will tell you about my even more awesome sunday... after my coffee! :D

      Reminded you from the scene from fear and loathing because they were all ugly, of because you 'forgot to take your heart medication'?

      Those trips can get nasty, yo.

        Well the bar looked like a huge jungle with a giant elephant head on the wall, and it was a 40th birthday for a woman who was a DJ so there were a lot of 30/40-something eccentrics there. It was good fun but I was definitely getting a 'Golf Shoes' vibe from it all.

      PART 2!
      Sunday was awesome, spent the morning tooling around with the Trials Evo track maker, making some good progress there, then I went to 1806 for a 'Deconstructing Cocktails' course that was a birthday present from my brother.

      The course was epic, I got to learn not only how to mix a good cocktail but how to make a great cocktail of my own design from scratch, plus I got to drink the cocktails I made so I was a bit tipsy by the end of it.

      AND THEN that arvo I went to Shadowloo Showdown in time to see the SFxT, MvC3 and SFAE finals. It was awesome to watch although it ran quite late due to SFxT taking FOREVER so I had to bail on the AE finals :(
      BUT I did get to meet Harli and we both cheered on Gamerbee to kick Justin Wong's ass in the SFxT final (mostly because the set would reset if Wong won and then we would have to wait another half hour before the MvC finals started haha)

      So yes and insane work week followed by an epic weekend. I hope this week is kinder to me and that this weekend was just as awesome for all of you guys :D

      p.s. HI HARLI! :D

        That's an epic Sunday. Epic.
        And yay for meeting Harli! :D

    Hunter from L4D

      Gordon freeman!

        Zero suit Samus!

          Trio of Links. ... And someone.

            Yukiko and Kanji from P4

              Hazama from Blazblue

                Leon wonders what to buy from the Merchant

                  Snake. The cigar smoke stunk to high heaven though
                  He was the crowd favourite

      Tracey has an article on Verge too. Saw you guys on Ten News!

        Could you please post the link? I didn't see the channel ten fottage, but I did have a camera in my face for ages. I felt really uncomfortable

          The news segment was fairly short, nothing really specific...

    I've been mapping portal 2 all weekend. I spent 9 hours on it on Saturday... But so far so good :)

    Apparently Jason Statham has a movie coming out soon called Safe.

    Some of you guys may not have known this.

    So now SAFE you're all SAFE up to SAFE date, you can JASON STATHAM go about your SAFE business.

    MAY 10

      I think it's SAFE to say this movie will be shit.

    Oh, I may have forgot to say JASON STATHAM SAFE MAY 10...

      I like having Jason Statham looming over TAY, he's so preeeetttyyyy. :D

        he has a funny shaped head...

          Even if he did it wouldn't matter. He's all manly and stuff.

            you have a thing for shaved heads, don't you...

              Hahaha, not really. I never really found my husband very attractive until I got to know him. I actually prefer guys with long hair. :P

                Poor Mr. Strange :(

                  Yes, poor Mr. Strange. He has a wife who loves him for who he is, not what he looks like, so she'll still be attracted to him even when he's all old and stuff. :P

    I have a new heater. It is not as effective as my old heater. It also has a temperature thingy on it telling me the current room temperature is 10 degrees. I do not want to go outside.

    My weekend was full of assignments and Minecraft. If anybody missed it, we have a new Minecraft server, by the way. One that hasn't been blown up in two whole days!

      Oh man. The cold at the moment is brutal. It's a freezing 19 degrees here at the moment. I might have to put a shirt on.

        But then no one can see your magnificent* chest!

        *I don't know if your chest is actually magnificent, I haven't met you.

      Someone needs to put up one of those signs "It has X days since the last workplace fatality." Except mine craft related

    I procrastinate way too much

      Me too. It's gotten so bad that I'll even procrastinate about doing fun things. What is wrong with me?!

        OH MY GOD YES
        yesterday i was gonna play some Super MNC, bt instead i watched minecraft server mods videos for like, 2 hours...


    my weekend was pretty rad
    -had my birthday party on saturday, may or may not have thrown up
    -watched a lot of shadowloo showdown, i missed the UMVC3 finals, but got to see (hear?) Harli commentating over Tekken Tag 2
    -i ate cake

    and now today, thanks to getting a lot of JB HI FI vouchers, i can justify myself getting a PS VITA!!! so some time today i'm going to go and get one, i saw a pack that came with uncharted, so i'll get that, and i might grab UMVC3 on it as well, because i can't have enough versions of that game :3

    so yeah, how are yall?

    So my weekend went thusly:

    On Saturday I went to the city. Had to catch a train, then a bus that smelled of sweat and pee. Or just sweat but one of the sweaters has a condition that causes him to sweat pee... That might be a thing...

    Once I arrived, I went to Kinokuniya for FREE COMICS then met up with Flu and other people and we ALL GOT MOAR FREE COMICS and we also bought some. Go us! The pizza.

    On Sunday I wanted to play Zelda: SS but couldn't be bothered waggling. I played Saints Row: The Third the whole day instead.

    Also Jason Statham in Safe. May 10. Did anyone else know about that? It's easy to miss.

      Safe? Never heard of it... What are you talking about... Who is Jason Statham, never heard of him either.

      did you know that SHE HAS THE CODE
      and that jason statham is.... THE KEEEEEY?

        He can be my key if he wants....

          i know i am a man, and do not understand the ways of the womens, but may i ask

          is jason statham considered attractive?
          like, some people i can see how women find them attractive, but not sure i see it in jason statham...


            If you see him in a picture, not so much. But watching him in action he's definitely sexy. It's a combination of his voice, facial expressions and manliness. He's a very attractive man.

    Morning everyone..... I would say "Good" Morning, but it's another Monday at work so not particularly good.

      I feel like crawling back into bed myself.
      I totally can too.

    So i started playing Pro Evo 2011 properly on the weekend - started a Champions League game with Bayern.
    I gotta say, it really isn't all that bad - it's actually pretty damn good.
    For the most part my kicking and through passes feel quite accurate - it's only the headers that constantly get sent into outer space.
    It's a MASSIVE improvement over the first one to come out on 360.

    Also picked up Fifa 09 for $1 on PS3 from EB :D - hopefully that'll be good too.

    Morning guys!

    Because this was posted Friday night and weekday posters would've missed it:

    Minecraft server. We have one. Again.

    You'll need to be whitelisted in order to access it, so if you would like to join let me know so I can add you and send you the server IP.

    The server does only have a 15 player capacity and at the moment we have 16 users whitelisted so, while unlikely, there may be a chance you'll have to wait to get on.

    We had some lag issues over the weekend but they seemed to be resolved last night.

      Gonna build me more of the wangTAYbar tonight.

        Server is back in survival mode now so you must farm for your gold!

          Bah, you took away my creative mode?

          I shall make do then.

          You asshole.

            Half the fun of Minecraft is making large holes in the ground and leveling mountains to get the materials.

              Can you make a cache of TNT tho? So we can level mountains the fun way :)

                Yeah, this is actually the second Minecraft world we've started on the server.

                We may have got a bit happy with the explosives on the first one and well, a giant crater for a world isn't much fun. It lasted all of 6hrs before we decided we should start new and do things properly.


          Well at least you took his godly powers away :P

          I'd be super jelly if he had these amazing powers and I didn't...

            Stupid Pez and his stupid pit of death.

            My diamonds :(

              Your diamonds that you surely got in a totally legit fashion?

              boo hoo... just summon yourself some new ones captain "HALF THE FUN IS DOING THIS YOURSELF"

                Actually, those ones were legit. I farmed all 4 of them myself.

                  I like how people were complaining about losing blocks of wood in that hole. There's wood everywhere but dat lag...

                  How has it been going lately? Still laggy?

      Also, I cannot be held responsible for putting people in the glass cage of emotion.

        That one was pretty funny though. At least you can get out and survive it. xD

      I twittered you! Can I haz access?
      The I will jump on, build a hut, walk for 10 days and 10 nights and never play again like last time.

        Already done sir.

        I'll send you the IP when I get a chance.

          All good, grabbed it off the post on last weeks TAY.

    I'm tired and grumpy. Something's wrong with our fire alarm and it kept beeping this morning while I was trying to have a much needed sleep-in. After three times I couldn't go back to sleep so I got up. Only to find that Mr. Strange hadn't bothered to check the alarm because he was playing Trials. :P

    So found out my manager has resigned this morning - 4 weeks notice. Normally this wouldn't bother me a huge deal, if it weren't for the fact this guy is solely responsible for fielding the endless shit, garbage and general retardation that comes from our Sydney office. He's like our ONLY buffer and safety barrier.

    Means when he leaves, my life is going to get a whole lot harder at work, and it's fucking hard enough as is.

    Not good.

      That's a terrible story.

      For starters, you don't even find ten dollars at the end.

      0/10, would not read again. Plus you make me sad.

        I did have one of those mighty muffins from Maccas this morning on the way to work.
        Not too bad actually.

        I'll substitute food for ten dollars accordingly.

      _/O\_ STEVE DOLT!

      Sux bro... :(

      dude, sucks. I
      ve been missing my managerial buffer since february, and am currently working for the person who was responsible for like 90% of the bullshit.

      Fun Times.

        Yeah, it's great fun. I think my manager just sick of having to field so much shit.

          Any chance of a promotion into the shit filter role?

    There's a dude sleeping and snoring loudly in this lecture :P

    It's quite funny.

    Last week the lecturer pointed out some guy who was sleeping and everyone laughed at him. He was in such a deep sleep he didn't even wake up, heh...

      Once I fell asleep on a peak hour train, woke up with drool down my shirt. Good times. :P

    Morning TAy. Weekend was good, played some games n stuff. ! YEAH. fiddled around some more with old consoles, and watched some of shadowloo showdown lasntight.

    Wont be posting much today sas i have the day off work and my wife is taking me.....somewhere.... for my birthday. If you don't hear from me tomorrow, please call the police :P

      Happy Birthday!

      It's your 30th isn't it? OLDDDDDDDDDDDDDD (I kid, I kid)

        Get rid of the bracketed notes, there is no kidding when dealing with OOOOOLLLLLDDDDDD people!

        Watch it, kid. :P

        And yes, happy Birthday Blood Apathy, I hope your wife's surprise is awesome.
        Last time I took my husband somewhere to surprise him for his birthday it was for a V8 drive. He was so happy he looked like a little kid the whole day. All bouncy and hyperactive. :D

      Happy Birthday man!

      May your cakes be sweet and delicious.


    Morning TAY,

    I hope your week has started off well. My day has started off OK but I spilled some milk on my sheets so now I have to do a bunch off unplanned laundry. Oh well.

    Harli, Strange suggested I post my Thinking out loud posts on TALES OF TAY (thanks strange). So if you are free today hopefully you can do this. The links are below.





    PT 5-SPAM

    It's Monday.

    I don't have to go to work until Wednesday.

    Awwww yeah.

    This afternoon I will be on an MC rampage.

    Goal for today: hit bedrock then start honeycombing my way out for sweet precious diamonds.

      I will build a mob farmer, make TNT and then sell it to the highest bidder.

      Good idea. I guess I'll be playing that and Trials when I get home :D


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