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        It's the Monstrosity!

        Hide yo kids, hide yo wife!

          I'm only interested in single women who are over the age of consent! So, uhhh, hide your female friends, or possibly if you're quite old, your daughter!

            Ten years in the jailhouse, and I'm thinking of my baby, thinking of my life gone byyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

        omg 8:33
        what is this
        i dont know what is happening
        he is up
        this is it isnt it
        hell has frozen over

          I'm pretty sure it would be colder than -2 if Hell had frozen over. Just sayin'.

            That's a tough one. Really, if the ambient temperature is -2, then it would, infact, have frozen. The existing temperature of an object only has a bearing on how long it takes before it looses enough heat to have frozen; it's "freezing point" will remain the same.

            However, I'm also willing to concede that Hell as a place may not conform to the rules of physics as here on Earth/Prime Material Plane.

      Holy crud it's cold.... sooooo cold...

      Also - YAY ESSENDON! :D

        I don't follow AFL football,
        but when I do,
        it's when Essendon wins :D

          You made my Mother choke XD

    I thought it was cold but according to Blaghs Canbrrrrr is -2 degrees... I'll stop whining about my Melbourne cold now :P


      I was nice and happy, wrapped up in my blanket cocoon, but then I decided that it was probably late, and so I should get up. Woe was I to discover that it was 8 am.

        How cold was your house? Mine's usually around 12-14 on cold mornings :(. Still higher than the outside temp though :).

          I have no idea. We only have one thermometer in my house, and it's upstairs, and completely wrong(and it's the thermostat for our aircon :/).

        All of my hate.

      So am i gonna need more than a hoodie blaghs, cause its like 24 degrees here.

        Well, my house has air-conditioning, though it does have a habit of working nowhere near as well as it pretends, but we'll have a bunch of people generating heat, so, uhh, maybe? I don't find it too bad, but then, I'm acclimatised. What's a tad chill for me may well kill you...

      Our cold is a different cold, though.
      Ours is caused by weather - theirs by the hearts of politicians

    Morning all! Everyone had a good weekend?

      I did, until my parents ruined my mood again.

      I tried out legends of grimrock yesterday, wow the controls aren't easy to get used to for someone like me that never played a game like this before. I got trapped between 2 mushroom guys and a mushroom spitter where one of them came out of nowhere. So yeah I died lol. I was also trying out a new champion on LoL and he was pretty cool though VERY hard to master. I also got some time in for dungeons of dredmor, very fun until my inventory got full lol, backtracking to nearest shop! :P

      So how was yours?

        Mine was all kinds of crap.. work work and more work.. again. Not really surprised, but I can't wait til I have a weekend where I have absolutely nothing to do. I haven't played a game in ages, and I wouldn't mind being able to sit and play something for a while without having some work issue milling around in the back of my mind. Perhaps this weekend if I'm lucky!

    A request:

    For years, I've been looking for a CD wallet (carrycase/binder) to hold my game discs. I have several, but I've seen one that actually has larger sleeves on the back of each page for manuals. I have literally looked across the entire internet for one of these and have never found one. Has anybody ever seen one like this? Thanks in advance!

      I am not a big fan of cd wallets. But if you are hell bent on on it Just get a normal cd wallet and a cheap $4 document holder they use for school kids stuff. Cheap easy and you can keep them together.

        Cheers. Do you keep them boxed? I ultimately prefer that but space is a commodity. My other issue is DS cartridge storage but that's a whole different story.

          Re: DS carts
          You could probably use a regular plastic CD/DVD sleeve for that, couldn't you? (For example, something like this: )
          The manuals are smaller than a CD or DVD so you could just slip them in along with the cartridge.

    My 2 year old daughter had a bad night sleeping. Woke up early in the am's and refused to go back to sleep.

    So yeah I'm feeling super duper.

      You know what will make you feel better. The fact that I slept pretty okay. Also caffiene :).

        Trying to stop drinking a can of V in the mornings but there's one in the fridge nice and cold right now that's so tempting...

          its too cold for cold caffeinated beverages. heat it up in the microwave first.

            I'm currently drinking a can of coke poured into a glass with ice in it. :P

            An aluminium can in the microwave? Can't see anything wrong with that.

              a single solid piece of metal in a microwave shouldnt be a problem. its when theres more than one piece, or its an odd shape that it will arc... thats when you've got a problem. a potentially dangerous, microwave destroying problem.

              but having said that, it would still be better if you just poured it into another container first.

    Just emailed someone to see if the hot water at my place can get cranked up. It was okay during the warm months, just had to use only hot water and it'd be close enough to a decent temperature that it didn't matter. Now that things are cooling down, it's very hard to crawl out of bed into this apathetic sprinkler that is my shower.

    Here's hoping things get resolved.

      You say your hot water is hand cranked?
      I think I've found your problem.

        Apparently the water cannot exceed 50ish degrees. I'm not sure exactly how hot it is, but I imagine that it's less than that because I've never been in a house where you just use the hot water tap for a shower.

          I have, it is terrible. Thus when checking out a place to rent or buy I highly recommend checking the water pressure and temperature.

          I pretty much always have my showers with just the hot water tap. I think my temperate is set around 42 or so? That's what my water thingy says anyway, I can manually change it or turn it off from any of the various switches in my house.

      Have you had a look on your hot water unit?

      I think the temperature thing is just a screw, maybe you could turn it up yourself?

    I had a pretty good weekend. On Saturday I bought a bunch of Batman fabrics on the internet, and had fun in Spotlight looking at patterns and buying needles and whatnot followed by beginning work on a skirt for my daughter so I could learn how to make a skirt before sacrificing the Batmans. :P

    Then Sunday was Mother's Day and I woke up too early so I played some Mass Effect 3 in bed while waiting for my breakfast in bed. Breakfast was fluffy pancakes, crispy bacon, and smoky-sweet maple syrup. Best Mother's Day and I hadn't even gotten out of bed yet.
    I don't know how my husband did it, but he managed to properly surprise me for the time ever with his choice of gift for me. I have no idea how he knew I wanted it, but he got me the Limited Edition Metal Gear Solid HD collection. So preeetty! I also was given the Blu-ray of The Three Musketeers(the one with Milla Jovovitch), a sewing encyclopedia book and a pair of pinking shears(the scissors that cut in a zigzag shape).
    I spent most of the day playing Mass Effect 3 and Shadow of the Colossus(probably why my dreams last night were a mishmash of those two games) and then cooked dinner for my Mum followed by a dessert of golden syrup dumplings which are the best thing about colder weather. So yeah, pretty good weekend. :D

      Sounds like you had an awesome weekend :).

      Lol at the dream, shoot all the colossi!

      Oh yeah, yesterday was so good I almost forgot I'd gone out to the Theatre on Friday night!
      Was the first time I'd been to a play since I had my first kid, so the first time I'd been with my husband and we watched 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead'. The actors were surprisingly good.
      It was so much fun. Best weekend. :D

      nice! I attempted soup for my mother. luckily there were leftovers to accompany it.

        Tom Stoppard is a legend. That's one of my favorite plays.

      I used to love "borrowing" my mum's pinking chears so I could make the paper spikey when I cut it.

      Sounds like you had a pretty good day!


      Sounds awesome! You get well spoiled :)

      Shepard was killing geth colossi?

        Actually, Shepard was climbing Colossi and making friends with them so they could help against the Reapers. :P


    This is a post about the housewarming meat, so if you're not coming no need to read any further - unless you want to be mad jelly.

    So, the date for Dan's pre-warming drinks/dinner (25th May) and my housewarming (26th May) is fast approaching. I'm happy to say we have Blaghs and Rize attending from Canberra, and the zeitgeist himself (Senor DAN!EL) from Brisbane and El Cakerino from Melbourne (the ass end of Melbourne according to a map he proudly displayed on TAYbar on Saturday). So it's going to be a big night!

    That being said, here are some things in point form for everyone to consider/note:
    - Dan's Drinks will be in the CBD on the Friday at 06:30pm onwards in the CBD. Join us for a relatively subdued night before we all go nuts at the housewarming.
    - We are planning an epic 3 course meal for the warming, with Iron Chef Bish and Baconnoisseur Sous Chef Shiggy. On top of that I am going to try and stock a whole bunch of alcohol for everyone. In this respect, if people could bring cash with them instead of drinks/food/etc you will be pretty much set for the entire night.
    - Bring PS3 controllers. While I own a 360 as well it's a 4gb slim with 1 controller and only has Trials... so yeah.
    - My sofa bed probably won't have arrived by the time the meat happens - if anyone who has a spare roll-up mattress or something to sleep on can bring it with them that would be great. I have two double blow up beds and potentially the couch so 4-5 people are accounted for on the crashing front.
    - Homebush station is about 250m away from my place and there is (very) limited visitor parking available, so transport should be sweet for everyone. That being said if anyone needs it I can offer a lift if you are in the not-too-far-away vicinity.

      I guess if anyone lives near Carlingford or Epping or lives somewhere between Parramatta and Hornsby I can give you a lift to/from if you don't want to crash (sounds like it might be crowded) and don't mind arriving early (probably)!

        I hear there are nasal sprays to help you with that Bish.

        I request people bring their 3DS for those sweet, sweet street passes.

        I live somewhat near Epping (Victoria :P). Thanks for the lift Bish! :D

        I may take you up on that offer Sir Bishington!

          HI HARLI!

          How is the injury this week?

          How good is that Bish guy. Offering people lifts and what not. Everyone should totally give him friend hugs at Pezwarming.

            HI CAKESMITH!

            Arm was aching last night, may have something to do with the cold. Me thinks that the weather is aggravating it. Better this morning. Thanks for asking :D

            Bish received a hug from moi last meat, i think he felt a tad awkward but I am glad it happened nevertheless. NO REGRETS

              And then there was that other time you did it as well and I was all "Wat."
              True story.

      I don't know about me PROUDLY displaying that map. It's also technically not Melbourne, but country Victoria, Wheeeeeee!

      I can bring 2x PS3 controllers if you need. Also any 360 controllers (and possibly Mortal Kombat 360 if people are interested)

        Sounds good to me.

        Doc What will be bringing a wii and his arcade stick.

        Did I mention I have a complete collection of CPS1/2 and Neo Geo roms?

        Going to be epic.

          I look forward to going through security at the airport with more gadgets than clothes.

            Fun story: That happened to me at the last meat.

            A hiking bag with arcade stick, two netbooks, multiple controllers and all the power cables in the world.

            It went through the scanner then I was told I had too much stuff in there so I had to open it up so they could take a look.

            Pulling out an arcade stick in the middle of the airport gets you some interesting looks.

              Yeah, when I went to EB Expo last year my bag got randomly bomb checked at the Gold Coast airport. I got some strange looks as the guy pulled out a range of different gadgets.

      Wait. Wait. Wait.




      Man, this is gonna be one busy weekend.

        Well, relatively subdued.



      I will be bringing my horribly uncomfortable inflatable bed. =D

      I'd like to point out that the Sunday after the housewarming meat (27th) Serrels and I and maybe some more people will be watching UFC 146 at some bar probably in the city or in North Parra (It;s start at 11-ish and finish at 2-ish). If you've ever wanted to watch UFC and/or hear Serrels Scottish accent, then i highly recommend it.

      I'm looking at you DAN!






              I WISH THAT AS WELL!!!!





    I made a Trials Evo track this weekend, it's called The Tower v1.1 (I updated it to fix a few rage-inducing broken parts). Feel free to give it a spin sometime and test it out :)

    I got a new PSP this weekend after my last one was kinda taken from me. TIP: Don't let your friend borrow your consoles, because they will lend it to their girlfrends, then break up with them and you will never see it again. Who does that? I'm pretty sure the rules of common sense dictate that you aren't allowed to lend something that you are already borrowing from someone else.

    Anyway, i found one at a garage sale for $130 with about 10 games and 10 movies, it seemed like a pretty good deal. The PSP itself is in great condition, like almost mint, WAY above the standard of pre-owned handheld EB consoles.

      Your friend owes you a PSP. That simple.

        Guilt him into a Vita :P

        But you certainly deserve a replacement for him losing the PSP.

          Yep, this.
          Despite the break-up, he is responsible for said goods.

          Of course wait a while until he is not so raw on the break-up, unless he did the breaking up.

            This again - he owes you a psp, or should at least chip in for the one you bought on the weekend

              Meh, i consider it a lesson learned. I got a new PSP now, so all is well.

    Ah, my good old crutches. I would be so lost without them.

      What did you do? Are you okay buddy?

        He did what Lambo always does. Silly, silly, Lambo.

        He means whiskey and rum.
        Totally an alcoholic.

        I saw a post in old TAY about roller-blading or the like. Did you break something, Lamb?!

        I fell over while rollerblading yesterday. Of course, I had to fall over on rough, pebbly concrete, didn't I? Why couldn't it have been nice, smooth concrete :(
        I bruised and scraped my knees, hip and elbow. My knees are still aching and a bit swollen, so I'm using the crutches to get around right now. I should be fine in a few days though.

      Stop hurting yourself, man!

      How long did it take you to realise you were hurt this time? :p

        This time, I injured myself right in front of the rest of my family. Which is probably a good thing, otherwise I would have just gotten up and kept skating.

        Also, I've realised that it probably isn't spinach that gives me my super pain tolerance/ignorance super power, it was probably the kerosene I drank once when I was three :P

    morning all.
    last thing I remember before going to sleep last night was thinking 'oh goddammit. 4am. I've gotta wake up in 2 hours.' then the next thing I remember is waking up with every joint I possess being sore. and everything else being cold. so I dunno what happened... but owwww.... I does not want to be at work currently.

    aaanyway... a mini MK tournament was held at my place on saturday night. and watching a dreadful zombie movie (Survival of the Dead) followed by a good zombie movie (Dawn of the Dead [original version])

    how was your weekends? I'll assume they were brilliant.

      I've finally figured out for to block Cyrax's net thing, so anytime you want to be super pwned at MK let me know.

        just hold R2 man :p
        I find though that Noobs tele-throw thing is an absolute bitch to counter.

          Yea, it certainly requires some expert timing. I'm kinda getting OK with Scorpion, i can actually link a few combos together now. Yay!!

    Morning all! Exhausting weekend. Being a father for Mother's Day weekend is hard work :)

    I'm up to date with Sons of Anarchy. Season 4 was penml urpgvp naq njrfbzr (rfcrpvnyyl svefg unys bs gur frnfba), naq ghearq guvatf ba gurve urnqf jvgu gur svanyr.

    Zbfg bs gur gvzr jvgu n fubj V'yy svaq zlfrys ubcvat sbe n qrprag cybg gjvfg gung'yy pbzcyvpngr znggref sbe gur punenpgref naq xrrc guvatf tbvat sbe n juvyr ybatre... ohg guvf gvzr, V jnf fb onqyl ubcvat gung Wnk naq Gnen jbhyq trg bhg bxnl, naq gung Pynl jbhyq trg uvf...

    V npghnyyl pevatrq jura Whvpr gevrq gb unat uvzfrys, naq V npghnyyl fnvq "Ab Pynl, ab ab ab, ab!" jura ur chg va gur pnyy gb trg Gnen xvyyrq. V qba'g jngpu svpgvba guvf jnl. Jung vf unccravat gb zr?

    Zhfg or n tbbq fubj sbe zr gb pner guvf zhpu. Jva.

      Lrnu, V jnf ubcvat gur fnzr, Wnk & Gnen jbhyq yrnir Punezvat & Pynl jbhyq or qrnq. Rirelbar V xabj jnf nyy "AB ABG WHVPR" jura ur gevrq gb unat uvzfrys.

      Sbe fbzr ernfba V jnfa'g gbb xrra ba gur raqvat, ohg vg jnfa'g gbb onq naq qvqa'g yrnir lbh unatvat gbb zhpu yvxr fbzr fubjf. Whfg Pynl xvyyvat Cvarl jnf ubeevoyr, nyy zl sevraqf ungrq Pynl nsgre gung.

      I hope Kurt sticks to his 7 seasons, although he was saying in WTF Sutter that FX might be able to fund more seasons which he is open to.

        Look Strange i'm using Rot 13! Can't call me a spoilerer now :D

    So I finished Mass Effect 3 yesterday. I have no idea why people are complaining about the ending (with 1 exception)

    Ubj qvq rirelbar fhqqrayl trg onpx ba gur Abeznaql juvyr V jnf ba gur Pvgnqry? V haqrefgnaq gung guvatf unccrarq juvyr V jnf gurer gung jrera'g fubja ohg vg pbashfrq zr n yvggyr.

    Naq jurer jnf gur Abeznaql urnqrq?

    Sbe gur erpbeq, V pubfr bcgvba guerr, F, terra nf vg jnf jung ZL Furcneq jbhyq'ir qbar. V pbhyqa'g tb qrfgebl orpnhfr vg jbhyq grezvangr gur Trgu naq V jrag gb n ybg bs rssbeg va gur tnzr gb znxr gurz sevraqyl ntnva naq uryc gur Dhnevnaf.

    Pbagebyyvat gur Erncref jbhyq'ir znqr zr ab orggre guna gur Vyyhfvir Zna nf jryy.

    Ng gur irel raq V unq Wbxre, RQV naq Nfuyrl rzretr. Guvf pbashfrq zr n yvggyr gubhtu. V hfrq Nfuyrl n ovg va zl ZR cynl guebhtu naq ohzcrq htyvrf jvgu ure, ohg fur jnf abg hfrq zhpu va ZR3. Nyfb nf zl Furcneq jnf abg n zna fyhg ur fgnlrq snvgushy gb Zvenaqn va ZR3.

      I'm contemplating getting close to the end with my FemShep and then going back to the start and playing through with my ManShep before doing the ending just so I can delay the ending a bit longer. Not because I think I'll hate it, more so I can prolong the enjoyment I'm having with the game. It's so much fun and I don't want it to end.

        Where are you up to with FemShep?

        I might play through it with my Renegade FemShep at a later date (I'm trying to play through as much of my backlog as I can. Which shall be difficult with Diablo 3 tomorrow)

          V'ir whfg tbg Gnyv naq qvq gur zvffvba va gur Trgu qernqabhtug jurer V erfphrq Yrtvba.

    Speaking of meats. Still need people to email me about my meaty meat meat of meatiness on the Queen's Birthday long weekend. So far only Virus and The Last Question have sent me something (and Batgirl who has not backed out, for shame).

    Send something to trjnrabbit - at - gmail - dot - com so that I can start sending round the emails to organise things. Unless you guys don't particularly feel like knowing where festivities will take place.

      Oops, yeah, I kind of forgot to email you. Doing it now. :)

        Another one down!

        I have a fair few people's emails from previous meat arrangements and whatnot. Just don't like sending unsolicited group emails. Not my thing. Prefer to get people to confirm interest first. Might not be the most effective means but dammit, I'll stick to it!

          But if i didn't send out group emails how would people see the cat that can HAZ chezeburger

            FWD: FWD: FWD: RED: FWD: FWD: :FWD: LOLOLOLOLO!!!!111!!

      I sent you an email with "something" on it.

        Good enough!

    Mornin' TAY!

    I'm hungry, and Canberra is cold.

    Also, I finished Bastion last night. It was a little odd that I found the ending easy in terms of difficult, but it was still freakin' awesome!

      Yeah, Bastion didn't really spike up in difficulty, it just sort of meandered. Which ending did you go for?

        Stupid filter keeps dropping my relies...

        E cyjat Wimv yht mavd dra funmt yc ed fyc. Frah E fyc bnacahdat fedr dra lruela, ed fyc naymmo ayco du belg lyica E luimth'd ihtancdyht fro E't fyhd du najand du dra desa frah pudr luihdneac fana dnoehk du gelg aylr udranc yncac...
        Wimv E cyjat lyica E fyc zicd dnoehk du pa hela :B


      How are we getting Blaghs to Pezwarming? Am I just throwing money at you?

        Split it in half, go with $25? I can grab the money at Pezezezezzzez, or you can just pay me by acting like Pez's sex slave at the housewarming.

    Nothing like a sunday night and monday morning putting up with your negative and "badmouthing everything and everyone" parents and getting idiots making your drive in and train commute hell to ruin your mood after such a great and relaxing weekend.

      Sorry to hear man, but hey it's DIABLO WEEK :D

      I'm not even buying the game yet I'm just vicariously excited for everyone :)

        That reminds me, I need to look into the Torchlight 2 beta since I've seen videos popping up about that yesterday

      Do you realize the irony of you saying your parents are ruining your mood with their negativity. Cmon techy be happy its a beautiful day the sun is shining the birds are singing. Actually its pretty shit weather in Melbourne. Anyway just be happy in the knowledge that you are alive in a non poverty stricken nation with a decent job and friends who like you for who you are. :)

        Yeah they spent last night criticising my older brother and judging him after he left yesterday. For fricks sake he came over bringing my mother lovely flowers and still she decides to treat him badly. She did the same for me after I got her chocolate mousse flavoured chocolates that I got while I was out at the choco meat on Saturday. She's also making a dress for my neighbour's year 12 formal, and talks behind HER back too badmouthing her like she's just a common teenager. I just don't know why I bother anymore with these two lizards I live with...

        And yes I do realise the irony Rocket, cuz that's what negativity in a family does, breed more negativity, especially when you're smack in the middle of a family civil war and constantly being prodded to "Take a side" with either my brother or my mother and step father. Work used to be a good break from that but thanks to the workload and stress nowadays it's just not that anymore, in fact it's almost the same.

    If anyone is up for trying out that Red Dead Redemption thing tonight I'll be doing it (with Diablo 3 out tomorrow it's probably my last chance in a long time).

      I'll confess, I've barely played RDR. But seeing things like that make me REALLY wanna play it.
      More time, I NEED MORE TIME!

    diablo 3 tomorrow!!! my copy still hasnt been sent if it dosnt show up im buying a another copy not missing out

      I got a laugh yesterday when a friend said they had taken Tuesday off to play Diablo 3 and then informing him he couldn't actually play the thing until 5pm, when he would've finished work and already been home for a couple of hours anyway.

        "Oh yeah, about that... I'm not sick anymore. But I think I might be on Wednesday..."

        awkward? :P

      Got my copy yesterday.

      Digital downloads yo.

    I keep seeing these adds for something called "Diablo III". I have never heard of it, has anyone heard if it is any good?

    Gosh it is cold. I'm wondering if one of those lazy patch doona suits is worth it

      Yes just for sheer power to look really fat with clothes over the top of it.


          I ordered a Batman snuggie. It has yet to arrive. I hope it does soon so I can be Batman while playing video games.

          It's this thing

      Is that one of those blankets with the sleeves? Because if so YES! Wear one / get one. I have always wanted one mostly because it sorta looks like a wizards robe.
        It's this thing. Until I found out the price was $130

          D: I want one now!

          Surely you could buy a couple of cheap sleeping bags and use your mad sewing skills to make something something.

            I was considering that, but with doonas. It might be hard to sew through it though.

      I wonder how well a ghillie suit would warm someone up? :P

    Just booked myself in for my first dental appointment in quite a while. Not looking forward to it. Not because I'm afraid of the dentist or anything like that, it's just been a while and I would hate to disappoint a total stranger.

    Dental really needs to be on Medicare. The whole reason I haven't gone is because I was worried about the cost. Which means that I put off care that probably should have been done, no doubt making the cost even greater. Even if I signed up for some private health care thing purely for dental, I don't know if things would still work out.


    The moral of the story? Vote Greens! They're trying to get dental coverage for all!

    Lisa need braces.

      Cost is the exact reason I haven't been to the dentist in a long time. I was planning to go but then my sister went last week and it cost her ~$500 for a couple of fillings and a check up and while I have that money I need it for other things (like moving).

        I know that I'm going to have to worry about more than that. I only made this appointment because I've been getting some rather painful tooth ache the last week or so. Been putting off getting some other things checked out for a long time because there's no way I can imagine them being cheap.

      I just had the first part of my root canal done last friday, it's going to cost me about $1100 all up. I got to chatting with the dentists about the high costs and why dental has never been on medicare. He told me it was because of the ridiculously high taxes dentists have to pay to the government. He said over half of the money i just paid for this work will go to his tax. Apparently the gov don't want to put it on medicare because it's a pretty big moneyspinner for them. So i wouldn't hold me breath on it.

        I had a look at some private health cover. Odds are I would still be out of pocket for quite a bit even if I got some coverage. Looks like I'm going to have to bite the bullet and dig into my savings a bit (probably).

        This might be the thing that finally pushes me to get private cover so that I can get regular checkups and not fuss about this stuff.

          Private cover isn't much better. Only the most basic dental work like cleaning is covered, you will be spending your own cash for anything like fillings or dental work. Plus they will pay nothing at all if they figure out you had the problem before you signed up with them.

          Getting work done on your teeth sucks in Australia no matter how you go about it.

            It's something like a 12 month exclusion period and they only give you about $500 per thing up to a rather small limit. When the cost of coverage is something like $400 a year, I'm not coming out that far ahead until several years in. Seeing as I only need this for dental, it's really just not great.

            The worst part is that if the cost hadn't put me off in the first place, things would probably work out to be much cheaper. Damned thing feeds into itself and now I'm going to be so screwed.

            Good thing this dentist has a whole section on their webpage about dealing with high anxiety patients. I wasn't anxious before but the more I think about the money, the worse I feel about this whole thing.

              Just ask the dentist about a payment plan, most will let you pay it off in smaller weekly instalments.

                I can probably pay things upfront. My life is generally pretty low cost, so I've got a decent rainy day fund. Still sucks to depart with the money, especially when I know that it's my fault that it's going to cost so much.

      Don't worry about the dentist judging you, not going to happen. I had braced myself for the worst, but it was fine. No lectures either. I sympathize with the cost, though.

        "Braced." I see what you did there. And I approve.

        I am good friends with a dentist and they totally do judge. -__-

      Of course, the longer you leave a dental visit, the more it will cost. So get in there, son!

        Did I mention the initial problem I had, which has to have been at least partially the cause of the current issues that pushed me over the edge, happened nearly three years ago?

        I'm screwed. Good thing I save money regularly. Bad thing, I'll have to start all over again.

      I had no idea that Greens were pushing dental inclusion in medicare. Most federal politics are vastly irrelevant to peoples day-to-day life but this isn't. Will totes vote Greens now.

    Indeed NoobHeadshot, indeed. :-)

    For those of you who work 9-5 am I admire your dedication to this thread. it could very well be a full-time job. Hehe.

      It helps with the grind :]

        Kotaku AU always brings a smile to my face. So you are right there. :-)

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