Techland's Trailer For Its Latest Game Is Better Than The One It Did For Dead Island

As far as claims go, yes, I'm being bold and melodramatic. But then, so was Techland's original Dead Island trailer, which I think set expectations for the co-op zombie shooter to unreachable levels and ultimately came back to haunt it. This time though, the situation is different. No zombies, dead kids or shattered families. Just ATVs. And funny. And trees.

I don't want to say much else, because I'll ruin it for you. And I don't want to be labelled Ruiner Of Videos. What I will say is the game the trailer attempts to promote — an ATV simulator called Mad Riders — gets a bit lost in cacophony of comedy. That is to say it does too good a job of being hilarious, at the expense of actually telling us much at all about the game. Not that there's a great deal to say about an ATV racing game, speaking as someone who's actually worked on one.

Still, what I wouldn't give for 1800p. That's a rad resolution right there.

Mad Riders Trailer [YouTube, via RPS]


    Haha, this actually made me want to buy the game more than Dead Island's trailer did.

    Brilliant marketing

    To be honest, the last trailer tickled my gaming bone a bit.

    Hahahaha these guys definitely know how to market something brilliantly :D

    I don't even like racing games, but I'd buy that if it means they 'll make more funny trailers

    Reminds me of the ad for the PS1 game "Jet Moto 2".

    "Hey! Lady! C'mon, hit the gas!"

    To me, it looks like they got a lot of inspiration from Gearbox's BL2 trailer (and their BL videos in general).

    AHAHAHAH love it!

    Love the reference to Dead Island even if 90% of people hated it was a great game.


    Great marketing there, I hope Techland is working on another retail game though...wouldn't want another good developer to fade into obscurity now do we?

    Kinda hard to top the dead island trailer on raw emotion but this did such a great job on making me smile so in a way Techland are masters of both ends of the emotion spectrum. Dead island was awesome but not good enough to be legendary hopefully with all the fan feed back dead island 2 can reach that legendary status.

    This trailer makes me want to buy the game wayyy more than a real trailer would.. The dead island reference was just... blind mowing!!

    Borderlands has a nice style right? I suspect Borderlands 2 latest trailer went over well in their office - GOOOOOO BORDERLANDS

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