Teens Arrested For Stealing $400 Worth Of Pokemons

On May 11 at a Walmart in Massachusetts, staff apparently saw three men shoplift packs of Pokémon cards and exit the store.

Police searched one of the suspects' vehicle and discovered a large about of Pokémon cards worth $US442.

According to The Sun Chronicle, the three men — David Danforth (19), James J. Davis (18) and Sean H. Nadeau (18) — were arrested and now face charges of conspiracy and larceny. The three teens appeared in district court earlier this week. Guess you can say they caught them all.

Catch a Pokemon? Men accused of stealing cards [The Sun Chronicle — Thanks Jason!]

Top photo: Alexander Raths/Shutterstock


    Csn only imagine telling people why they were arrested

    a large about? surely you mean *amount*

    Team Pocket blasting off again.

    Wave the handcuffs key in front of them: "You'll need this"

    Gotta catch'em all

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