Tell Us Dammit: Would You Get Up Early For Gaming?

Mark is incapacitated today, so it's all hands on deck here at Allure Towers. Fortunately, an issue popped up back at my home turf of Lifehacker which is worth considering. Staying up until 3am playing games isn't uncommon behaviour around these parts, I imagine. But would you consider getting out of bed early to play your favourite titles?

We've run a piece of advice at Lifehacker suggesting that if you aren't willing to get up early for something, you shouldn't stay up late for it. It even uses playing games as its main example. I think it's sound advice, but I also suspect many Kotaku readers would very happily get up at 4am for some extra gaming if the occasion or the title demanded it. What's your take?


    I routinely get up at 7am on the weekend to play FIFA with my brother in Miami and Battlefield3 with my best mate in London - they do the same for me (I'm in Victoria). Hey, if gaming is replacing fishing as a way for guys to hang out, it seems apt to get up that early, and it stinks less.

    Yes. I would and have been known to, rise very early to play a title I'm really in to. Get's me all zen for the day ahead.

    Back in high school I'd get up super early so I could play Pirates! on the C64. These days with work and family I get up at the same early time just to get to work and I'm lucky if I can manage to stay up late either.

    Yeah... I'm getting up to watch E3 press conferences.
    Games are a no brainer.

    I got up this morning to start my Resistance Burning Skies download at 2am on my PS3 so it was ready for me when I left for work...

      how is it?

      On my days off I fire up the [email protected] crack of dawn to take advantage of off peak data for large downloads, then one quick squirt of cs or whatever I'm playing's dinner time lol

    Not really, If I'm going to be tired I'd rather stay up late then get up early.

    Plus, if I lose track of time at night, I just go to bed later. If I lose track of time in the morning, then I'm late for work.

    when I finished ME3 one night (bad Idea....couldnt sleep) I awoke by 6AM and sat on the internet reading up on it, because I really couldnt do anythingelse....not sure that counts

    I think I would, however I wake up at 6 everyday for I value my sleep in and worry I don't get enough sleep......I also don't stay up late playing games for that reason

    So if I don't get up early for pretty much anything should I just end everything now and just do nothing in the evenings either? ;)

    yeah i often get up early to get my game on.... GW2 open beta i was up at 5 to play.... but then i think most ppl were.

    As for the comment of if you arent willing to get up early to do it you shouldnt stay up late..... society tends to look down upon having a party and drinking with your mates at 6 in the morning before work

    When I was 10 years old, this was a no brainer. The excitement just didn't want to make me sleep but now with priorities, work and life, gaming has taken a back seat and I don't get excited anymore.

    I used to do this all the time in my younger years before I had my own PC to play on.
    It was the only way to guarantee a little uninterrupted gaming time.

    I actually do not mind getting up early to game and I certainly have with a lot of single player games. However, I usually don't for multiplayer games and this is usually because there aren't too many people up early to do so (unless I connect overseas, but then I have to contend with lag)

    I wake up at 5:30AM every morning (i have to, in order to get to work on time)
    On weekends, I wake up at 5:30 as well, out of habit. I don't mind, though, because it's just more time to do fun stuff!

    There is nothing more decadent than getting up... look at the day.. and then gaming in your PJ's with toast and coffee.

    when i was young and got my first xbox, i would routinely get up early on the weekends to get a few extra hours of playtime before chores. couldn't play through the night as my dad would always check in on me since he is a shift worker. not like that now :D

    I used to, especially when playing games my wife finds dull. Thankfully she loves Mass Effect now so I don't have to hide it. Would I get up early in general? Depends on the situation. Back when we were playing Halo 3 and there was a 24 hour Bungie vs The World event and we only slept for about 2 hours.

    I get up at 5am for work 5 days a week so getting in an early morning gaming session on the weekend before the kids get up is pretty common.

    It's not really the same level to stay up late as it is to get up early.

    Depending on your REASON for playing games, it could be much worse to play in the morning, for example, if you play to wind down for the end of the day, you haven't been wound up to justify playing the game. If you play as a way of socialising, you may not be able to time the games in the morning. On the other hand, if you play for fun, it doesn't matter when you play since it's all fun.
    Plus, as mentioned by DanMazkin if you lose track of time at night, you just go to bed late, but losing track in the morning means big trouble

    Back in the ORIGINAL Call of Duty games I used to wake up at 4am to particiapte in a scrim with mates from over seas, was part of the whole League thing that was around then, didn't get far though, half the time people didn't turn up hah. *goes back to cozy bed*

    OH OH OH I did wake up early for all day long play of Diablo 3 with a mate. I usually sleep in till 10 on my day off, woke up at 7 on the Friday.

    I'll be waking up early next week to watch the E3 press conferences and I'll be gaming as the conferences go on. So yes I guess.

    I stay up late playing games when I'm having fun that I don't want to stop. I'm unwinding and there are very few activities that I would do in the morning that fit into that category.

    Really, I just don't like mornings. If I could shift my work schedule so that I started two hours later and finished two hours later, I think that I'd be a lot more productive.

    Also, some games are played with people in other timezones, or simply with people in our timezone that operate on this later schedule. Matchmaking in the morning can be a complete farce, especially in some games where it isn't very good during the peak hours.

    Often on weekends my body wakes up at work time 6am I toss and turn but often I just get up and put in a good game session.

    I've done it before.. but only on weekends. If an MMO I am into has some event that occurs at 3am or 5am on a Saturday or Sunday and it is something that only comes around once in a blue moon.. then I will do it and have done it.

    I wake up early to get in some WiiFit and Move Fitness. I know it doesn't do much, but a little bit of exercise is a great way to kick start the game.
    Haven't played any of my usual games lately (like AFL Live and Assassin's Creed) mainly because we have the Foxtel on my PS3 TV, so the missus is always on when I get home from work. Was considering waking up early to get a bit of play in.

    I know a friend who, during year 11, would get up every Sunday morning at 3.45am to participate in weekly races in Drift City. I guess he made it part of his routine because he never seemed tired later that day or anything.

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